Is it Reglet, Reveal, or Channel? Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Email


Every industry has a special vocabulary that insiders use to communicate with each other. If you were in the movie business, you would know what a "Grip" was. If you were in website design, you would know what "HTML" stands for. In the trim business, you use terms like "Reglet", "Channel", and "Reveal".

People who are new to the specialty trim industry may be confused by the term "Reglet". The term was first used when describing an interlocking two-part flashing that is typically installed on the backside of a parapet wall along a roof edge. One of the first companies to manufacture these flashings was Fry Reglet. Once they began producing aluminum trims for drywall and plaster, many people began to refer to their reveals as "reglets" because of the company's name.

At Flannery, we usually describe our stucco trims as "Channels" and our drywall trims as "Reveals". The "Plaster Channel Screed" is one of the most popular trims for exterior stucco. The "Drywall Reveal" is almost exclusively used as an interior or exterior gypsum board accessory. When a customer calls and asks for a reglet, we will usually refer them to one of our Channels or Reveals.

So what name is correct when looking for a U-Shaped Aluminum trim that creates an aesthetic break between two wall products? In our opinion the word "Reveal" seems to be the most effective term to use when describing an aluminum trim for Drywall or Stucco.