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F. Smooth Finish EIFS Vent - SFEV

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Smooth Finish E.I.F.S. Vent - SFEV

Manufacturer's Specification

Flannery's Smooth Finish E.I.F.S. Vent is a continuous vent that can be used with a number of different soffit materials including E.I.F.S, Wood Paneling (T&G or T-111) or Vinyl Soffits. The SFEV is installed over the soffit material once it has been completed.

Flannery’s SFEV Vents are standard extruded aluminum alloy 6063 T5 and are .050 thick. They are available in Mill, standard Clear Anodized, and Alodine finishes. Other factory finishes and custom paint orders are also available. Refer to Finishes for details. All Vent Slots are 1/8" wide and 1” long. They are configured at 1½” on center lengthwise and ½” on center laterally. Each row of Vent Slots lengthwise provides approximately one-square inch of vented area per lineal foot (see Vent Area Graph).

Vents must not be installed in areas where there is solid framing, since this may block some or possibly all of the vent slots. Attach Soffit Vents to the framing with nails, screws, or other approved fastening methods. Fasteners should be staggered the entire length of the trim. All Vents must be cut accurately and installed with tight, neat joints. All butt joints must be sealed. Manufacturer recommends that a carbide tip blade along with lubricant be used when cutting any aluminum trim.


Part No. "A" Depth "B" Width Vent Slots Per Row Vent Area Per Foot
      SFEV 50-V-200      1/2" 2" 3 3 sq. inch
 SFEV 50-V-300 1/2" 3" 5 5 sq. Inch
 SFEV 50-V-400 1/2" 4" 7 7 sq. Inch




Installation Details



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