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Flannery & TruGrain

Trims for TruGrain

Trim Tip of the Month
When installing any of Flannery’s Aluminum Trims with TruGrain made with Resysta Siding, be sure to space the fasteners for the trim in a way that will not prevent or hinder the installation of the Siding itself. Try to allow for each fastener head to be in between the ribs found on the back of the siding to make installation of both the trims and the siding more convenient.
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Contact us to receive your free sample box of Flannery’s trims for TruGrain. Email your contact info to [email protected]and we’ll be glad to show you our unique and innovative new trims. 
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 Flannery Announces

New Partnership


Flannery is pleased to announce its new venture with TruGrain made with Resysta.TruGrain is a manufacturer of building products that are produced with a hybrid material that looks and feels like real wood. TruGrain made with Resysta is produced from rice husks, rock salts and mineral oils which allows for the end user to have the same design capabilities as real wood. It offers the same look, feel, and workability of wood, but will not grey, fade, crack or splinter.

TruGrain made with Resyta has designed several wall facade and siding systems for both commercial and residential construction. After working with both TruGrain and their installers, Flannery has designed five different profiles of aluminum trims that are compatible with their new siding products. Our trims will not only assist with the installation of the siding, but will also aid in maintaining and enhancing the aesthetic design of this new wall system.

  Trims For TruGrain
Flannery is pleased to offer five new trim accessories for the TruGrain made with Resysta, 4” and 6” lap siding. Our trim package includes a starter strip to get your first layer of siding started and trims to help finish the edges of the siding at corners and dissimilar materials. Here is a brief description of each trim:


Siding Starter Strip (SJS 25-187): Flannery’s Starter Strip is a trim for siding which was designed to enable the installer to hang the first level of siding to the wall. Since Trugrain siding is similar to a “tongue and groove” system, it needs something for the first layer to hook to when being hung.


Siding J-Mold (SJM 625-100): Flannery’s Siding J-Mold is a termination trim for siding that allows the siding to terminate against a dissimilar wall or material. By using the Siding J-Mold you can maintain a nice clean flow of the siding and avoid any rough edges from disrupting the aesthetic of the wall system.


Siding Outside Corner (SOC 625-100):Flannery’s Siding Outside Corner is a trim that creates a sharp and crisp corner edge where the TruGrain made with Resysta Siding is installed on walls that meet at a 90º outside corner joint.


Siding Inside Corner (SIC 625-100):Flannery’s Siding Inside Corner is a trim that creates a sharp and crisp corner edge where siding is installed on walls that meet at

a 90º inside corner joint.


Siding H-Mold (SHM 625-100): Flannery’s Siding H-Mold is a trim for TruGrain made with Resysta’s siding that creates a “flat-face” reveal over two adjoining siding pieces.


By combining Flannery’s Aluminum Trims with TruGrain made with Resysta Siding, a natural and ecologically conscious wall system is achieved. Since Trugrain made with Resysta Siding can be stained just like real wood, Flannery also offers its aluminum trims factory painted to match TruGrain’s six standard stain colors. For more information on these products, please click on the links below or call Flannery at 818-837-7585.



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