May 2015 Newsletter

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The Aluminum Advantage

Flannery’s Sustainability Practices

Trim Tip of the Month
Ever wonder what to do with that 1′ or 2′ drop leftover on a project? Just bring any leftover scrap material to your local scrap metal facility.  All of Flannery’s aluminum trims can and should be recycled. By recycling leftover material you are helping to reduce your carbon footprint and making a great return on your investment.
 Did you Know?
  • The aluminum can becomes a new can in less than 60 days when it is recycled.
  • Nearly 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today.

Recycling Aluminum can save:

  • 14,000 kWh of energy
  • 39.6 barrels(1,663 gallons) of oil
  • 237.6 Btu’s of energy
  • 10 cubic yards of landfill space
The Aluminum Advantage
The number of benefits of aluminum is enough to make a mile long list. You may not feel as passionately about the material as we do but chances are, especially if you’re reading this, you have benefited from the use of aluminum at some point in your life. Aluminum provides durability, strength, limitless design capabilities and infinite recyclability. Due to the surface properties of aluminum, finish applications such as paint or anodizing take extremely well and open up a multitude of options. When used as a building material aluminum’s non-corrosive and highly conductive properties enable us in the construction industry to create appealing designs with peace of mind.

Aluminum has one of the lowest levels of toxicity making it the material of choice for high traffic areas. The usage of aluminum baseboard molds are ideal in healthcare, education, and hospitality because it reduces dust formation. Aluminum makes up about 8% of the earth’s crust and compounds of the material are naturally found in foods. A material that can be naturally made, digested, and create high-rise structures- what’s not to love!

  Flannery’s Sustainability Practices
Designers and contractors alike are looking for materials that can not only create their vision but provide a low ecological impact as well. We at Flannery applaud the efforts of our customer’s usage of eco-friendly materials and offer an extensive product line to meet anyone’s sustainability needs. The reasoning for using aluminum is simple since it is a top quality material and cost effective product with a low ecological footprint.


We love aluminum not only for its environmental impact but for its flexibility in forming shapes tailored to meet the visions of designers and the needs of installers. Aluminum is easily workable through a variety of machining methods including welding, punching, drilling and bending. The flexibility of the material provides us with the ability to innovate new shapes and improve the process of already established ones.


Flannery’s Aluminum Trims are 100% recyclable allowing us to recycle all scrap metal produced in our manufacturing facility. Due to its extreme durability, the life expectancy of aluminum is over 40 years. The likelihood of aluminum needing to be replaced is very slim, however should the need arise the material can be recycled and reproduced into an infinite number of other products.


Aluminum is truly the material of choice and we are proud to be making a significant investment into the future of our environment through the production of our trims.


If you have any questions regarding our sustainability practices or any other matter please feel free to contact us via email or call 818-837-7585.

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