Finishes to suit every need

finishes 1024x425 - Finishes to suit every need

Finishes from left to right: Clear Anodized, Factory Kynar Paint, Color Anodized, Possible Polish Options

Finishes to Suit Every Need

If you have been in the construction industry for some time, you may have noticed over the years that clients generally have very specific requirements for the finishes to their projects. While the aesthetic design of a particular building or home is very subjective and “opinion” based, it is the job of the contractor to fulfill the desires of their clients. There are many different wall systems for people to choose from and the right trim can accentuate all of them.  However, it is not the trim alone that gives the client what they want. The type of finish applied to that trim is what makes all the difference.

Flannery offers a wide range of finishes for our aluminum products that can suit the look of any exterior or interior wall installation. Why fuss with field priming and painting when our factory painter can apply a Kynar or powder coated paint for you? Any color can be matched, whether the client goes to their local paint retailer or the architect specifies a color.
We also have the resources to have our aluminum trims color anodized. Anodized colors ranges from a light to a dark bronze as well as Black, Gold and Champagne.

Flannery has been offering brushed and polished finishes for our trims for a number of years, but we have just recently discovered a way to have some of our product profiles polished to look like Gold, Brass and even Copper (or Rose Gold). These types of metal finishes are excellent compliments to Millwork and custom wood panel projects.

While there is an additional cost for Flannery to provide you with a factory finish, in many instances those costs are offset by the savings of not having on-site labor do the application of finishes to the trims. Contact us if you would like to get a sample of one of our factory finishes. Flannery will have new polish samples available soon and look forward to showing everyone our expanding capabilities.

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