Residential trim at an affordable price

Blog Steel 410x1024 - Residential trim at an affordable priceToday’s homeowner is inundated with new home construction products on a daily basis if they spend any time watching the popular DIY shows on cable. New home buyers don’t want a “cookie-cutter” home and the home builder must find a way to accommodate that without production costs going through the proverbial roof. Flannery believes that we have a solution to this dilemma. That solution is our Steel Shadow Mold which is a base, door and window reveal trim product.


One of our most popular trims for the last 10-12 years has been our Aluminum Shadow Molds. High-end residential drywall contractors install millions of feet of this product annually. The only drawback is the high-cost of aluminum and the additional labor costs to install it professionally. With Flannery’s Steel Shadow Mold these drawbacks are eliminated. Steel is one-third the cost of aluminum when it comes to the cost of this little Z-Metal. Since it is made from the same steel that we use to make our bullnose cornerbead, it is installed in the same fashion of a normal cornerbead or L-Metal. Home builders would never think that steel cornerbead is too expensive, so it is an easy sell.


The potential homeowner will marvel at the unique and sophisticated aesthetic that can be created with this inexpensive trim that will turn a typical door or window casing into a framed out masterpiece. Homeowners would have no clue that it took only a few dollars to achieve such a wonderful wall design.


Flannery’s Steel Shadow Mold is available in either a ½” or ¾” reveal and is sold by the box (400’/box). If you would like a sample of Flannery’s Steel Shadow Mold please contact us via phone or email.

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