Benefits of Using Metal Drywall Trim in Your Home Remodels

Drywall Reveal Corner Before Install 1024x683 - Benefits of Using Metal Drywall Trim in Your Home RemodelsWith any home remodeling, there comes a lot of remodeling decisions. You not only have the paint color to decide on but the paint type as well. What kind of countertops do you want? Will you add backsplash under the cabinets? Do you finish the basement or leave it as a giant storage space? Carpet, tile or laminate for the flooring? And the list goes on. One decision that we can help you with though is the kind of trim to use to keep your walls in place. Here are a few benefits of using metal trim in your home.  

  • Cost Effective: Metal drywall trim is your least expensive option. This does not mean that the quality is cheap. Here at Flannery Trim, we never compromise quality for price. We are able to manufacture and make metal drywall trim very cost friendly to your wallet. We want you to have great quality products at a great quality price. 
  • Very Sturdy: The metal trim is designed to handle heavy weight. This is not to say that it can take the weight of a grown man swinging a sledgehammer. The metal drywall trim can handle shelves that you attach and all of your knick-knacks that will go on top. Your wall is not going to fall apart because your first place trophy for swinging a sledgehammer is too heavy for the metal trim’s weight. 
  • Easy Installation: It is as easy as one, two, with need for three. Make sure that you cut your piece to exactly match. Remember the rule of thumb: measure and remember to make sure you have the right length. Then, attach the trim to the drywall with either framing nails or screws. Simple and easy installation.   
  • Aesthetic Look: Metal drywall trim gives you that straight edge look that is pleasing to the eye. If your walls happen to be uneven, there is no need to redo the whole thing when a simple fix of metal drywall trim will do the trick. It’s like solving two problems in one.

Flannery Trim can provide the metal drywall trim you need to finish the job

At Flannery Trim, we have been helping homeowners throughout the country find the best trims for their home remodels for over 40 years. Housing and materials have changed throughout the years, and we have changed as needed with them. We want you to have the best quality products in your home. We understand what it takes to build projects and have perfected the trims needed to provide the attractiveness and function for your designs. We take pride in our reputation for our excellent customer service. We are a family business and want you as our customers to feel like part of the family. Our staff will help answer any questions you have and make sure that your home remodeling experience is a good one with our quality products.    

Here are a few of our highly recommended metal drywall trims: 

  • LED Drywall Reveal (LDR): This piece creates a linear light reveal between your drywall panels on vertical walls or ceilings. 
  • Reflective LED Drywall Trim (FDD): This is a top-of-wall trim that allows for the installation of an LED light strip in the reveal. It hides the light strip from direct view and creates a reveal at the top of the wall. 
  • Drywall Ceiling Cloud Edge Trim (DCCE): This is an extruded metal trim that attaches to suspended drywall ceiling track and creates a solid edge for suspended drywall ceilings. 

Let Flannery Trim be your choice for quality trim for all of your home remodel needs. Contact our trim makers today to find out more information on how metal drywall trim is the best option for you. 

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