Types of Siding Trim and Their Uses

Siding Trim Pic 1024x984 - Types of Siding Trim and Their UsesSiding trim is what gives your home or office that finished look. It completes the edges and protects your siding from the elements and unwanted critters that could get in over the years. We are going to discuss a few types of siding trim here, but be sure to check out some of the other products used for trimming the interior of your home or office on our website.

  • Aluminum Plaster Trim – Aluminum plaster trim is the most common siding trim as it is used to cover the less appealing construction materials on the outside of your home or business. Used in both industrial and residential construction projects, this trim is mostly used around doors, windows, and ventilation systems to provide a clean, finished look after it has been installed. A few plaster trim pieces include Drip Screed, Plaster Channel Screed, Expansion Reveal, and Fascia Corner Mold. You can find more aluminum plaster trim options here. Custom paint orders and other factory finishes are available for some pieces at Flannery Trim.
  • Cement Panel Trim – Our cement panel trim is used specifically for edges and corners where cement panels meet. This trim is compatible with all major manufacturers of fiber cement panels and siding and can be used indoors as well with millwork panels if a wood-finished wall is required. A few cement panel trims include Cement Panel Z-Flash, Cement Panel W-Mold, Cement Panel Drip Cap, and Snap-in Offset Panel Screed. You can find more available cement panel trim here. Some cement panel trim includes custom paint orders and other factory finishes.
  • Composite Siding Trim – Composite siding trim is used for both commercial and residential properties and has unique shapes to create the perfect look on any composite siding. Some composite siding trim includes Siding Flatboard Starter Strip,  Siding Outside Corner, Siding Inside Corner, and Siding X-Mold. You can find more examples of composite siding trim here. This siding trim can come with custom paint orders or other factory finishes to match your home or office and create the look you desire.
  • Soffit Ventilation – Soffit ventilation covers rafter beams to create a more pleasing look for your home while also providing cool air into your home or office through the attic. This helps push the hot air through the vents in the roof, keeping you cool while still offering a second usefulness to complete the look of your home. A few different soffit vents include the Smooth Finish EIFS Vent, Direct Application EIFS Vent, and the Hat Channel Vent. You can view other options here. Our soffit ventilation systems can come in other factory finishes or custom paint orders.
  • Brake Shapes and Flashings – Brake shapes and flashings protect your home or building from the elements. They are not only functional but have aesthetic purposes as well by providing an overall finished look on the outside of your home. A few examples would be the Brake J-Stop, Standard Weep Screed, and the Brake Drip Stop. You can find more brake shapes and flashings here. These all come in a variety of metals and finishes for a more custom look.

If you’ve been looking for a siding trim company with quality products and service that has been working with every type of trim on the market for decades, you’ve come to the right place. Our team at Flannery Trim would love to answer any questions you have or get you a quote for your next residential or industrial project. Contact us today for more information about our siding trim or any of our other products. We look forward to helping you create something beautiful and functional.

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