Soffit Vents: Important or Insignificant?

Have you dreaded putting away decorations or storage up in your attic because it’s just simply too hot? Have you wanted to turn your attic into a living space, craft room, or gaming room but there is just no air circulation that you’d want to stay up there for more than a few minutes? There is a solution. Flannery Trim can help. Soffit vents are a very simple piece and play a large role in helping to cool down your attic.

Soffit vents are one of the pieces when remodeling your home that may not seem very important, that is, until it is the hottest day of the year and you go into the attic to find the trunk of summer swimwear and the heat pours from the attic into your home. Or when it is pouring rain outside, and you hear the pitter-patter of little feet running all around your attic. The squirrels have found a way in and have now made your attic their home away from the rain. While soffit vents may seem insignificant now, they are a vital piece of home building and remodeling. 

Flannery Trim will help you find the right soffit vents needed to complete the building or remodeling of your home

We have been helping builders and homeowners find the right pieces of interior and exterior trim needed to make your home beautiful. We believe that soffit vents are an important piece for every home. Soffit vents will help keep your home cool in the summer and free of small animals all year round. 

We have two types of soffit vents: 

  • Soffit W-Mold: This creates a transitional edge where the stucco soffit meets a wall or material.This Soffit W-Mold is typically set at the corner joint where the fascia ends and a soffit return begins. Our product is made of standard extruded aluminum alloy 6063 T% and has a .050” nominall wall thickness. It comes in 10’ lengths and has a standard Clear Anodized. Mill Finish and Chem-Film Finish are also available along with customized paint orders. 
  • Soffit W-Mold Vent: This creates a ventilation strip where a plaster soffit meets a different material or wall. The Soffit W-Mold Vents are set just like the Soffit W-Mold, where the fascia ends and the soffit return begins. It is also made from extruded aluminum alloy, and all vent slots are ⅛” wide, 1” long and are configured at 1 ½ “ on center lengthwise and a ½” on center laterally. 

We look forward to hearing from you and providing you with the soffit vents needed to keep your attic cool and animal-free. Contact us for all of your soffit vent needs today.