Benefits of Fascia Trim

Fascia trim is a small but intricate part of the exterior of your home. Fascia is a long, straight board that runs along the lower end of the roof trusses and does the majority of the work supporting the lower edge of the roof. Here are a few of the benefits of using fascia trim.

  • Keeps out unwanted creatures: There is nothing more terrifying than hearing footsteps scurrying around in the middle of the night. You set traps to catch the creatures, but they somehow always manage to escape. By installing fascia trim, it closes gaps in the roof edge that the creatures crawl through making your attic their home.
  • Protects from mother nature: Fascia trim helps hold the rain gutters and also protects from rain, snow, leaves, and any other elements that mother nature sends your way. To prevent your attic from getting moldy and musty, fascia trim is installed, closing the gaps between your attic and mother nature’s nasty elements.
  • Ventilation flowing through the attic: After you’ve installed the fascia trim, you can add vents to the trim that allow air to flow through. Allowing air flow through the attic through ventilation helps keep out that musty old typical attic smell.

Flannery Trim provides you with quality trim for not only the exterior of your home but the interior as well.

One of our exterior trim products that is great for fascia trim is our fascia corner mold. It’s an aluminum plaster trim and comes in 10’ lengths. Custom paint orders are available so you can get the perfect color match for your home. We also have a wide variety of other fascia trim options to accommodate any need.

If ventilation flowing through the attic and protection against mother nature’s elements is something you’ve been looking for for your attic, then contact us today and let the trim experts help you find the right fascia trim for your house.