The Best Drywall Corners To Purchase For Your Home Remodel

The walls in your home tend to take a beating: between dining room chairs being backed up too far and toys being rammed into corners and baseboards, drywall corners often need to be replaced from normal wear and tear of life. From toy cars to kids to pets, we know your drywall corners have seen it all, so now that it’s time to replace them, do you know what kind you need? Flannery Trim provides a variety of drywall corners with different strengths and purposes, but no matter which drywall corner you need for your home, all of our drywall corners create sturdy walls with strong corners.

Flannery Trim can provide you with the sturdiest and strongest drywall corners for your remodel  

We have been helping homeowners remodel their homes since 1975. We want you to have the best quality product also at an affordable price. These are a few of our sturdy drywall corners: 

  • Beveled Drywall Corner: We have a unique outside corner trim that provides both a sturdy and aesthetic corner effect. This can be used with any thickness of drywall. This also has a Mill Finish for priming and painting unless otherwise specified. We can also provide you with Clear Anodized and Chem-fil finishes in addition to factory finishes and custom paint orders. 
  • Drywall Reveal Corner: This is an aluminum trim for outside corners of drywall. The drywall reveal corner creates a “stepped” look where two walls of drywall meet. Once the mud and tape has been applied, the corner will have the appearance of a reveal instead of just a sharp corner bead look. Factory finishes and custom paint orders are also available for our drywall reveal corner in addition to having the Mill Finish. 
  • Drywall Outside Corner: Our drywall outside corner is a high strength alternative to typical galvanized or plastic square corner bead. Since it is so thick, our drywall outside corner can be used in any high traffic area where your drywall corners may need extra protection. The drywall outside corner comes with the same finish option as the beveled and reveal corner. 

If you are unsure which drywall corner would be best for your next home remodel or have general questions about the products we sell at Flannery Trim, contact us today and one of our trim experts will be happy to answer any questions you have. We look forward to helping you get the strong, sturdy walls your home needs for all those wear and tear life moments.