Choosing the Right Trim Manufacturer for Your Construction Company

Every trim manufacturer offers similar ideas and products to their customers. From trim options to service, there aren’t a lot of differences between them except the location. So what makes Flannery Trim stand out from the other trim manufacturers from which your construction company could choose?

1. Experience

Since 1975, Flannery Trim has been serving construction companies and individuals alike with quality service and experience as a leading trim manufacturer. We know why we offer the specific materials in trim we do, why we have specific recommendations for each company’s needs, and how the trim industry has changed over the years. Experience is something you can’t buy, and our 43 years of experience has taught us much in this industry.

2. Variety

We offer our customers a wide range of options in trim, from material to indoor/outdoor to shape, to ensure we have exactly what you need. We are everyone’s one-stop-shop trim manufacturer to keep things simple and easy for construction companies and homeowners.

3. Patents

Flannery Trim currently holds two patents for products we have designed and created to help make our customers’ lives easier. We know construction is a hard business in which to be, so we work every day to create faster, easier solutions for you and your workers on-the-job. We will continue to innovate as a trim manufacturer to create even more ways to help our customers in every area.

4. Green

Striving to make this world a better place since its beginnings, Flannery Trim put the green shamrock in our logo as a reminder to better the lives of both our customers and the planet. We not only want to be a quality trim manufacturer for our customers now with quality products, but we want our children to have a greener planet because of the work we do today.