Cooling Your Attic With Soffit Vents

Have you dreaded putting away decorations or storage up in your attic because it’s just simply too hot? Have you wanted to turn your attic into a living space, craft room, or gaming room but there is just no air circulation that you’d want to stay up there for more than a few minutes? There is a solution. Flannery Trim can help. Soffit vents are a very simple piece and play a large role in helping to cool down your attic.


There are several options to choose from when providing ventilation for your attic. If you live in a dry, hot heat, the aluminum fire resistant vents are the way to go. However, if you live in a cool, wet area then our vinyl option would be the best for you. Adding soffit vents can also help to drop your energy prices, saving you money in the long run. Soffit vents work by being installed under your homes eaves and bringing in outside air in through the vents; then the hot, humid air gets pushed out back through the vents.


Why choose Flannery Trim?

  • Long-lasting: Our soffit vents are durable, and will not rot, chip, or crack. Instead of having to replace the vents every few years, ours will last saving you money.
  • Cleaning: Our vents are easy to clean. You can keep them looking like new despite the weather climate you live in.
  • Cost Effective: Our vinyl and aluminum soffit vents are cost effective and have amazing qualities. Without breaking the bank we can provide you with the vents you need that are long-lasting and also easy to keep looking like new.


If you’re wanting to clean out that hot, humid attic and turn it into an attic worth being in, let Flannery Trim help you pick out the perfect pieces of soffit vents. Contact us and let us get you the cool attic you deserve.