The Many Types Of Drywall Corners In Renovations

When renovating a home or office, there are many pieces needed to make it complete. One of the vital pieces needed that most people aren’t aware of are drywall corners. Without finished drywall corners, there would be a mudded or taped mess holding your home or office together. Drywall corners help complete the whole area and create a clean, crisp look for your home.

Flannery Trim has created options of drywall corner finishes to allow you the finished look you love

  • Beveled Drywall Corner: This is a unique outside drywall corner trim that provides both a sturdy and eye-pleasing corner effect. The “chamfered” or “flat-nosed” Beveled Drywall Corner can be used with any thickness of drywall. 
  • Drywall Reveal Corner: Our aluminum trim is used for outside corners of drywall. The Drywall Reveal Corner creates a “stepped” look where two walls of drywall meet. Once it is attached, the outside corners has the appearance of a reveal instead of the typical sharp corner bead look. 
  • Drywall Outside Corner: This drywall outside corner is designed specifically for high traffic areas. The aluminum made drywall outside corner is a high strength alternative to galvanized or plastic square corner bead. It’s designed to withstand the corners where additional protection is needed. 
  • Reflective LED Drywall Trim: This trim is designed for the installation of an LED light strip within its reveal. The Reflective LED Drywall Trim hides the LED light strip from direct view giving you a reveal of a vertical gypsum wall. 

Drywall Recommendations: You can attach the drywall corners through the taping flange to the drywall and framing with nails, screws, or another approved fastening method. All trims must be cut accurately and installed with tight, neat joints. We also recommend that carbide tip blades along with blade lubricant be used when cutting any aluminum trim. 

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you find the right drywall corners to help make your renovated home or office look professional and classy. Contact us today for the perfect drywall corners for the look that’s right for your project.