Where To Find Quality Plaster Window Reveal

You are so excited to be remodeling the interior of your home. Those windows have been there forever and were starting to give a yellow tint to the world outdoors. Now that you have your brand new windows that give a clear view into your yard, you’re left with an undesirable look on the inside of your home. You can see gaps that aren’t quite finished from where your beautiful, brand new windows don’t match up to the existing trim from the old ones. Plaster window reveal will help make the area around your window match the beauty of the world you can now clearly see and give a finished look around your new windows. 

Flannery Trim has been providing quality plaster window reveal since 1975

We are a family-owned company that has been helping customers create the perfect finished look inside their homes. As the years change, our products change as well, ensuring that you are always getting quality products. In addition to our quality products, we provide quality customer service as well. We value each customer and treat each one as a partnership to create something significant and beautiful. Our plaster window reveals have been made not only to provide attractiveness to your home but also function well too. 

These are the best plaster window reveal products we provide:

  • Window Drip Cap Reveal: This will cap the top of both windows and doors.This creates the finished look you are wanting and closes any gaps between window/door and drywall.  
  • LED Drywall Reveal: This window reveal can be installed right along with the drywall. This creates a linear light reveal between drywall panels to your window (LED’s and wiring are not provided).  
  • Smooth Finish Window Return: This plaster window reveal will look flawless and smooth when placed in your window’s edge. With the plaster key removed, the window reveal will create a clean, sharp edge. 

The beautiful interior that you have been wanting is just a phone call away. Contact us at Flannery Trim today and let our experts help you find the perfect plaster window reveal for your home.