Quality Fascia Trim

Fascia trim is a vital part of any house. Just as a football team is not great without a great quarterback, the same goes for your house. When the rains start pouring, your gutters won’t be supported without the fascia trim. Your fallen gutters will have more “yardage” than the running back.


Where is the best place to find fascia trim?

Just like the NFL searches around to find the best quarterback, you should search around for the best quality fascia trim. Flannery Trim has been in the trim business since 1975. Our longevity in trim speaks for itself. As times change, we ensure that our products stay up-to-date with the changes. We ensure that you, our customer, have the best quality trim products for all your housing needs.

These are a few of the projects our company has had a hand in.

  • Dodger Stadium: We sent over 6,000 lineal feet of Plaster X-Mold to the stadium. Our trim is used throughout all their restrooms as a corner trim accent at the entrances. They also used the trim around the sinks and stall to soften the hard concrete interior of the stadium.
  • Golden Nugget: Located in Atlantic City, we shipped 40,000 lineal feet of custom polished aluminum reveals to them. They created all the outside corner edges throughout the main lobby and elevator bays with our trim.
  • Alaska Airlines Center: This venue boasts a 5,000 seat athletic arena, medicine suite, indoor jogging track, gymnastics training facility, and competition gym. We supplied the trim for the gym center and center box office. There is a lot of heavy foot traffic through there and our trim has been holding up well since 2014.

If you’re ready to find the quarterback of fascia trim, contact us at Flannery Trim. We can provide you with the quality and quantity of fascia trim that will prevent your gutters from getting any “yardage.”