Why Siding Trim is so Important To Your Home

Trim on the exterior of your house is much like the windshield wipers on your car: you see that they are there, but you don’t always notice them or know their full effect and usefulness until you really need them. Whether it’s a snow storm, rain or wind, your trim can protect your home from whatever nature throws your way all year long. As simple as trim may seem, it plays such a vital role for every home to protect the siding, windows, and inside of the home from outside creatures and all sorts of weather all year long. Quality siding trim is key to protecting your home from the environment for years to come.

Here are the two main types of siding trim we offer at Flannery Trim and their unique purposes: 

  1. Fascia: This type of siding trim lays horizontally, tying your rafters or truss tails together. Fascia will provide strength needed to mount your gutters and help keep the rain running down your gutters and into the yard instead of the other way inside your home. 
  2. Soffit: This exterior siding trim sits under your eaves and protects the underside of your roof from the rain and wind. The vents in the soffit help your attic breathe with ventilation and reduce the chances of mold growth. When you install soffit, you are also taking extra steps to protect your home from unwanted creatures that could try to wander in. The siding trim helps seal your home, allowing in only the pets that you actually want to see every day. 

Are you ready to protect your home from unfortunate weather and unwanted creatures? Contact Flannery Trim today and find out what siding trim will help seal and protect your home for years to come.