Three Different Types of Quality Corner Cap Trim

It’s finally getting warm enough to start some home repairs again. Making the decision to do home repairs or upgrades is the easy part: the hard part is deciding on what type of products to use. You want to find materials that will last through the weather and normal wear and tear of life. Not only do you want it to last for years to come, but you also want it to be budget friendly.

A few of the many different trim options we provide at Flannery Trim


  • 3-Way Metal Corner Cap: Here at Flannery Trim, we have been manufacturing corner cap trim for over 20 years. In that time, we have developed the 3-Way Locking Corner Cap. This unique design allows three lines of bullnose to meet at one point. One of the reasons our 3-Way Metal Corner Cap is one of the best on the market is that it requires much less mud during the taping process. Instead of wasting money on tape and mud, our 3-Way Corner Cap will cut down your cost with its unique design.
  • Plaster Corner Mold: This is an outside corner trim that gives your edges a nice sharp look. The Plaster Corner Mold create a straighter and cleaner corner trim compared to a standard welded corner. You can also use this corner trim with veneer plaster, drywall, and wood panel systems.
  • Fascia Corner Mold: We created a transition corner where the stucco fascia edge can meet a stucco soffit. Our corner molds are specifically designed to sit at the corner joint where the fascia ends and the soffit return begins. Our corner trim can be used where the interior stucco or veneer plaster ends at an acoustical ceiling.


Flannery Trim has been providing quality corner cap trim to our customer for years at budget friendly prices. Contact us today to place an order for all your trim needs in your home repairs or for any questions you may have about trim in general.