Tips For Using Bullnose Trim

When you add bullnose trim to your house, it can change the entire look. Bullnose trim is there to create a smooth, clean finished look for countertops, corners, and edges. The most common use for bullnose trim is from the wall to your floor. Adding bullnose trim around the edge of your home can help diminish the sharpness of the carpet to wall look.  It also gives a nice finish around ceramic and porcelain tiles that you use as backslash or in the shower.

  • Start Small: Especially if it is your first time using bullnose trim, we recommend that you start small. Find a section of your home to begin your renovation and use the next steps to make sure the bullnose trim will be a perfect addition to your home.
  • Proper Tools: In order to put up the bullnose trim properly, you need the proper tools.
  • A tape measure to ensure that you are cutting the bullnose trim to a proper length.
      • A utility knife to cute the bullnose trim.
      • A latex caulk to help keep the bullnose trim in place.
  • Use Baseboard Adapters: Baseboard adapters are designed to transition beads to a square corner. The baseboard adapter helps take a rounded edge and make it into a square end where you can then place the bullnose trim for that finished look.

Where can you find quality bullnose trim?

Flannery Trim is a green-based company that creates quality trim for ourcustomers. We find new ways to run our manufacturing plant that is more environmentally responsible because it is our mission to produce a sustainable, quality trim for those coming behind us. Since our start in 1975, we have been constantly improving our trim to ensure that our customers have the best trim on the market.

If you are ready to achieve that smooth finished look around your house, contact our trim experts at Flannery Trim today for all your bullnose trim needs.