Tips For Using Fascia Trim

Redoing your roof does not have to be a long and devastating project. One of the main parts of your roof remodel is fascia trim. Fascia is the part of your home’s exterior where the gutters are usually attached. Your fascia trim not only needs to last through years, but look great as well. Since the fascia trim is exposed to nature’s elements, you need to buy quality boards that can withstand any weather.

A few tips and tricks for installing fascia trim  


  • Purchase Quality Fascia Trim: You need to find fascia trim that will not only withstand the heat in the summer and rain in the spring, but the cold and snow in winter as well. Flannery Trim has been providing quality fascia trim since 1975. We understand that when you do a housing project, you want your results to last for years to come.  Our most popular option for fascia trim is our fascia corner mold.
  • Use Quality Nails and Watch Where You Nail: When you nail your fascia trim, you want to avoid nailing toward the edge of the end grain. Nailing close to the edge will usually result in your trim splitting. When nailed properly, you can keep your fascia trim looking great and lasting longer. The better quality nail you use, the less chance you have of the nails bending or rusting.
  • Add Extra Strength To Your Wood: Painting fascia trim adds an extra barrier between the wood and the weather. Once the paint wears off, you will be left with great quality fascia trim underneath. You can either choose to keep repainting or let your fascia trim show.  


If you are ready to finish your roof remodel, contact us at Flannery Trim today, and we can help you find the right quality fascia trim for your home.