The Right Tools for Vinyl Trim

There are several different tools you will need for installing vinyl trim. The first and most important is a drywall corner trowel. This tool will help you create those clean, smooth corners for your vinyl trim that look professional and classy.

There are several different types of drywall corner trowels to accompany the many different types of trim. Flannery Trim has designed and patented an inexpensive, easyto-use bullnose trowel specifically for bullnose corner vinyl trim. Its shape and design make it easy to handle while creating a clean, professional look for your vinyl trim.

A few other vinyl trim tools you will need are a drywall saw, drywall hammer, drywall screw gun, fiberglass non-adhesive tape, drywall screws or nails, sanding tools, taping knives, and mixing tools.

Finally, when finishing up and filling in the gaps of your drywall corners, wood base, or crown molding, you generally have two options: use caulk or wood scraps. Both of these options are messy and can be difficult to make vinyl trim look good due to its small space. Flannery Trim has created the most inexpensive, fast, and easy tool to fill the gap for vinyl trim between wood base, crown molding, or bullnose corners. Our bullnose base plugs are easy to install, look clean and classy, and will not leave a mess like caulk and wood scraps do. Its simple installation will have you wondering how you did not know about this amazing vinyl trim tool sooner

Choosing the right tools for your vinyl trim will help you create a beautiful, finished, professional look for your next vinyl trim project.

If you have any questions about our unique, specially-designed and patented vinyl trim tools, feel free to contact us during normal business hours. We are always happy to answer any questions our customers may have and get feedback about our vinyl trim tools.