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Sunset 2014 Idea House

By Flannery Trim | December 14, 2014 |
Sunset House Exterior Pic 0 300x200 - Trim Blog

Completion Date: 2014 The 2014 Sunset Idea house is located about 20 minutes from Los Angeles in the exclusive neighborhood of Manhattan Beach, CA. Sunset editors along with local architect Louie Tomaro teamed up with local designers and contractors to create a modern beach house that incorporates the latest architectural design concepts. Sunset is a…

Sharky’s Woodfire Mexican Grill

By Flannery Trim | October 14, 2014 |
sharkys2 576x432 300x225 - Trim Blog

Completion Date: Fall 2014 Founded in 1992, Sharky’s Woodfired Mexican Grill offers a fast, healthy, and organic menu with locations across the western part of the United States. The restaurant recently opened their 21st location in Chatsworth, CA. Prior to construction, Sharky’s approached local contracting company, Lanai Construction, looking for something to distinguish and contrast…

Alaska Airlines Center

By Flannery Trim | September 14, 2014 |
aac gallery 1 300x203 - Trim Blog

The Alaska Airlines Center, which opened in September 2014, is the new home for the sports teams of the University of Alaska in Anchorage. The $109 million project will also serve as a venue for concerts and other events. The state of the art venue boasts a 5,000 seat athletic arena, medicine suite, indoor jogging…

Dodger Stadium

By Flannery Trim | April 14, 2014 |
Dodger Stadium Panorama 052707 300x145 - Trim Blog

Completion Date: Spring 2014 Being big Dodger Fans, the team at Flannery was ecstatic to have the opportunity to be a part of the Dodger Stadium renovation. Dodger Stadium has been a landmark in the greater Los Angeles area for over 52 years, and underwent an unprecedented $150 million renovation in 2012-2014. The renovation gave…

Pasadena School

By Flannery Trim | December 14, 2013 |
Pyramid Plaster School 300x225 - Trim Blog

Completion Date: 2013 A $2.6 million annex added to Madison Elementary was completed in 2013 and is the home to the family center and preschool which was previously located in a home and portable structures. Madison Elementary School is a historical public school located in Pasadena, CA. The school was built in 1905 and has…

Brenda Boss Bear Valley Resource Center

By Flannery Trim | March 14, 2013 |
brenda boss gallery 300x200 - Trim Blog

Flannery is honored to be a part of the Brenda Boss Bear Valley Resource Center named after an extraordinary woman who dedicated her life to bringing proper medical care to her town of Big Bear.  The Brenda Boss Bear Valley resource center, coined as a “one stop shop”, provides the Bear Valley area with a…

UTEP Chemistry & Computer Science Building

By Flannery Trim | March 14, 2012 |
UTEP Finished Angle View 0 300x186 - Trim Blog

Completion Date: Spring 2012 In March of 2010, The University of Texas at El Paso broke ground on their new $70 million, 140,000 square foot Chemistry and Computer Science Building. The building will provide state-of-the-art facilities for both departments on the UTEP campus. The construction of this building marks the largest single construction investment on…

Golden Nugget

By Flannery Trim | March 14, 2012 |
Golden Nugget AC 013 300x200 - Trim Blog

Completion Date: Spring 2012 The Golden Nugget Atlantic City is the newly renovated hotel and casino in the middle of the Atlantic City Marina. Over the last several years, the Marina has been transformed into the new location of everything hip and glamorous along the Jersey shoreline. The Golden Nugget’s renovation was a $150 million…

Goose Bay Airport Expansion

By Flannery Trim | December 14, 2011 |
Goosebay Airport 4 0 600x400 300x200 - Trim Blog

Completion Date: Winter 2011 Goose Bay Airport is a major international airport located in Goose Bay, Labrador on Canada’s East Coast and was opened in 1941. While its primary function at the time was to serve as a military runway during World War II, it has progressed over the years to become one of the…

VA Acute Psychiatric Building

By Flannery Trim | April 14, 2011 |
VA Palo Alto 1 525x357 300x204 - Trim Blog

Completion Date: Spring 2011 The Veterans Affairs Acute Psychiatric Building is an 80-bed hospital that will consolidate the current Mental Health Department from three separate buildings into one. It becomes the first project in a five-year, $750 million plan to overhaul the Veterans Affairs complex in Palo Alto. The Acute Psychiatric Building consists of four…