Uses for Our Brake Shapes and Flashings

At Flannery Trim, we offer a wide variety of brake shapes and flashings with many of them being customizable in size, metal, and finish to create exactly what you need for any home or building project you have planned. Each brake shape serves a unique purpose, while a few of our brake shapes and flashings can be used in more than just one situation.

1. Universal Weep Screed is our patented weep screed that has a longer return flange on the bottom of the screed than a typical weep screed, allowing it to sit tightly against a concrete foundation, eliminating any chance of a gap forming.

2. Standard Weep Screed can be formed from a few different types of metals and is used to alleviate moisture from behind the plaster cement layer, generally at the base of a stucco wall system.

3. Brake J-Stop is used to terminate stucco, veneer plaster, drywall or wood panels.

4. Plaster Inside Corner can be used to either help prevent cracking where two inside corner walls meet or as a clean juncture point where a soffit meets a vertical wall.

5. Brake Angle is used as an inside or outside corner or as a basic edge trim.

6. Brake Z-Trim can be used as a transition molding where two walls meet with dissimilar thicknesses or as a flashing.

7. Brake Drip Stop can be used over wall openings that may require to assist in evacuating moisture from behind a wall system. The brake drip stop can be custom ordered in several different types of metals

8. #2 Drip Stop is a transition trim from fascia to soffit that allows moisture to drip off a stucco fascia edge, preventing it from running across the soffit.

9. Brake W-Mold has a few different uses for custom situations, including a custom flashing when needed.