Kodak Theatre

The Kodak Theatre and the surrounding Hollywood and Highland Center became the location for Hollywood’s biggest night every year. Upon its completion, the Kodak Theatre became the permanent home of the Academy Awards. The Kodak Theatre seats over three-thousand people and cost $94 million to complete.

The adjoining Hollywood and Highland Center consists of 640,000 square feet of restaurants and shops. Flannery provided aluminum trims for the exterior of the Kodak Theatre as well as the Hollywood and Highland Center. Several different reveals and trim pieces were utilized to accentuate and contrast the final plaster finish.

The main entrance to the Kodak Theatre and Hollywood & Highland Center.

A view from the third level of the Kodak Theatre looking down onto the Hollywood & Highland Center.



Exterior Trims to Consider for your Next Project:

Drip Screed Shape ProfileDrip Screed:

Flannery’s Drip Screeds create a drip edge for moisture to “drip” off of stucco fascia edges thus preventing it from running back across a soffit. Drip Screeds are typically set at the corner joint where fascias meet a soffit. They come with a fascia leg that acts as a stucco stop and a reveal which acts as a drip edge. Select sizes of Flannery’s Drip Screeds are available with Alignment Splices to assist in the installation process.



Plaster Channel Screed profile of shape.Plaster Channel Screed:

Flannery’s Plaster Channel Screeds create an aesthetic reveal in any stucco wall system. Channel Screeds break up plaster or stucco walls by creating horizontal and vertical reveal lines. Flannery’s Plaster Channel Screeds come in a number of depths for different stucco thicknesses as well as a number of reveal widths for just the right design look. Select sizes of Flannery’s Plaster Channel Screeds are also available with Aluminum Alignment Splices or Vinyl Connectors to ease the installation process and create crisp and clean butt joints and lines. If you are looking to achieve a small depth at 1/4”, take a look at our Plaster Control Joint.


Flannery has so many different exterior trims to make your project stand out. Plus, Flannery’s Trims not only elevate the look and feel of a building, they also will stand the test of time because they are Aluminum. If you are looking for beautiful Architectural Trims that will last, consider Flannery for the job. Sure, Vinyl options are quick and cheap, but if you are looking for Trims that will never need to be replaced, Aluminum is the way to go. Be sure to peruse the exterior trim section of our website to learn more about all the exterior trims we have to offer for Siding, Cement Paneling, Stucco, and Soffit Ventilation. We look forward to helping you with your next project!