Strata Ceiling Trims

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  • Flannery's Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Edge Trim Shape

    Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Edge (ACCE)

  • Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Reveal shape

    Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Reveal (ACCR)

  • Drywall Ceiling Cloud Edge Shape

    Drywall Ceiling Cloud Edge (DCCE)

  • Acoustical Ceiling Knife Edge Shape

    Acoustical Ceiling Knife Edge Trim (ACKE)

  • cloud,transition,ceiling,suspended,integration

    Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Transition (ACCT)

  • suspended,ceiling,trim,acoustical,drywall,transition

    Acoustical Ceiling Transition to Drywall (ACTD)

  • ceiling,suspended,strata,cloud,transition,trim

    Drywall Ceiling Transition to Acoustical (DCTA)

  • cloud,transition,drywall,ceiling

    Drywall Ceiling Transition to Drywall (DCTD)

  • adapter,ceiling,trim,suspended,transition

    Drywall Ceiling Edge Adapter (DCT)

  • Ceiling Grid Trim Clip (CGC)

  • Ceiling Cloud Trim Splice (CCS)

Flannery’s Strata Ceiling Trims come in a variety of options for any of your ceiling cloud projects. Including Cloud Edge Trims and Transitions. Take a look at all our options to get an idea of what would best work with your next ceiling project!