Strata Ceiling Trims

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  • 02 ACCE 400 Shapefinder R1 BjB 01 300x300 - Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Edge (ACCE)

    Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Edge (ACCE)

  • 05 DCCE 400 Shapefinder R2 BjB 300x300 - Drywall Ceiling Cloud Edge Trim (DCCE)

    Drywall Ceiling Cloud Edge Trim (DCCE)

  • 07 ACKE 250 600 Shapefinder R2 BjB 300x300 - Acoustical Ceiling Knife Edge Trim (ACKE)

    Acoustical Ceiling Knife Edge Trim (ACKE)

  • 000 Trim Clip 3D Horz Attached Screws BjB 300x300 - Ceiling Grid Trim Clip (CGC)

    Ceiling Grid Trim Clip (CGC)

  • 00 Trim Splice Scale 3D 180 w screws BjB 300x300 - Ceiling Cloud Trim Splice (CCS)

    Ceiling Cloud Trim Splice (CCS)

Flannery has been producing interior trim products for almost 45 years and we now offer Cloud Edge Trims for suspended ceilings. Whether the design calls for an acoustical tile or suspended drywall ceiling, we have the perimeter trims needed to finish the ceiling edges without the additional cost of framing vertical returns or the costly ceiling manufacturers’ products. Each trim comes with attachment clips for the ceiling grid and trim splices to join one piece to another. Flannery also offers factory fabricated corners and radius for many of our Suspended Ceiling Cloud Trims.