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Flannery Trim Takes On Texas!

By Flannery Trim | June 1, 2021 |
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You may have heard that Flannery is making a big move… we’re relocating to Fort Worth, Texas this summer and will be opening on July 6th! We are so excited to take this huge step forward, and for all of the growth we know it will bring. The same old Flannery you know and love…

Montana State University, Billings Community College

By Flannery Trim | March 1, 2021 |
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Completion Date: In Progress Our work on the Montana State Billings Community College is still in progress as of February 2021, and we are so proud to have been a part of this incredible project. Flannery provided free trims for a student-built project in the university’s construction lab as part of their Construction Management and…

Stairview Estate

By Gary Jayne | February 18, 2021 |
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Completion Date: 2019 The Stairview Estate was completed in 2019 and is an 8,000 square-foot premier spec home, built-in beautiful Santa Monica, California. The project boasts 2 owner’s suites and 28-foot-wide glass walls, showing off an incredible panoramic view that stretches from the busy streets of downtown to the sunsets over Santa Monica. The home…

Why Soffit Vents Are So Important For Your Building

By Gary Jayne | June 30, 2020 |
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If you have been having issues with poor air circulation in your soffit and overhangs, you may need to install or replace the soffit vents on your building. Soffit vents are indispensable to any building that has an overhang that may trap heat. We’re going to discuss what these simple, but vital pieces of trim…

The Right Commercial Grade Bullnose Trowel for The Job

By Gary Jayne | May 27, 2020 |
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When working on a commercial job, it is vital you have tools you can trust that are meant to be used and can last on commercial projects. Commercial grade tools usually means a tool will last longer and can withstand the wear and tear of use through the years on construction sites. If you have…

Types of Siding Trim and Their Uses

By Gary Jayne | April 30, 2020 |
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Siding trim is what gives your home or office that finished look. It completes the edges and protects your siding from the elements and unwanted critters that could get in over the years. We are going to discuss a few types of siding trim here, but be sure to check out some of the other…

Benefits of Using Metal Drywall Trim in Your Home Remodels

By Gary Jayne | March 24, 2020 |
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With any home remodeling, there comes a lot of remodeling decisions. You not only have the paint color to decide on but the paint type as well. What kind of countertops do you want? Will you add backsplash under the cabinets? Do you finish the basement or leave it as a giant storage space? Carpet,…

Fascia Trim And Why It Is Vital To Your Home

By Gary Jayne | February 20, 2020 |
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 When it comes to remodeling and making your house a home, there are a few things you absolutely need and other items that are just nice extras. For example, painting over the drywall is not necessarily a need: it is just kind of expected that you when you walk into someone’s home, their walls…

Aluminum Trim: The Best Option For All Exterior Trims

By Gary Jayne | December 30, 2019 |
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Years ago houses were pretty much all made the same way. When it came to trimming the exterior of a home, you would finish the trim with wood. For generations the same method of installation was used when it came to outside siding trim. This method was great for its time, but now we need…

Residential trim at an affordable price

By Flannery Trim | May 18, 2017 |
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Today’s homeowner is inundated with new home construction products on a daily basis if they spend any time watching the popular DIY shows on cable. New home buyers don’t want a “cookie-cutter” home and the home builder must find a way to accommodate that without production costs going through the proverbial roof. Flannery believes that…