The Most Popular Finish from 2023

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The year 2023 came with a lot of different color and texture requests. But Flannery’s Black Anodized finish remained tried and true. Black Anodized remains a favorite because it stands out against dissimilar materials like wall panels, door frames, drywall, etc. Black will always remain a classic favorite because of its sophistication and sharpness. One…

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Flannery’s Continuous Soffit Ventilation

continuous soffit,soffit vent,venting,ventilation,vented,wide vent,fascia,dissimilar,direct soffit,continuous soffit vent

Homes and commercial buildings that utilize Stucco, Panels, or E.I.F.S. in their roofing system often need a Soffit Ventilation option that will function and look great. Soffit Ventilation is essential in maintaining airflow and reducing moisture, and thus, it is vital to install it on various roofing projects where the roof has an overhang. But…

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We Can Help You Find Our Products Wherever YOU Are!

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Can Flannery be in two places at once? Yes, yes, we can. For the two and a half years we have been in Texas, some of our customers still think we are still at our Southern California location. Understandably so, we were in Southern California from the very beginning, which equates to 46 years of…

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Sustainability and Wellness Practices in Architecture are on the Rise

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  Sustainability and Wellness Practices In a world where sustainability and wellness practices are on the rise, it’s no surprise that Architectural design has been changing rapidly due to client desires to have enriched spaces that cater to the environment and individual well-being. Ankitha Gattupalli from ArchDaily states that the “most effective ways to mitigate…

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Palm Valley Pediatrics featuring Strata Ceiling Trims

Flannery's ACCE Strata Ceiling Trim showcased in Palm Valley Pediatric Dentistry in Arizona.

In Scottsdale, AZ, you can find an inviting space to take your children to the dentist (maybe for the first time even!). The atmosphere has a soothing effect when you walk in and immediately see the round features of the space. From the pretty round tiles, round countertops, and then you look up and see…

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How Can Aluminum Trim Help Finish Your Design?


As Architects and Designers enter the design process, the goal is to have as much planning and design done before construction begins. But sometimes, clients add something at the last minute, or something is needed to take your project to the next level. Flannery’s Trims are just the solution for those last-minute design needs. A…

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How can LED Light Reveal Trims Enhance Your Design?

led,trim,light reveal,linear light reveal

          You walk into a home or building and are immediately enraptured by the “Light Art” all over the walls. It makes the environment relaxed and warm, and you don’t want to leave. LED light reveal Trims can impact, “wow,” and enhance any design. With Flannery Trim, getting the shapes you…

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The Versatility of Flannery’s Plaster & Stucco Trims

Flannery has many options for your Interior/Exterior Plaster or Stucco project. We have you covered from Reveals, Stucco Stops, Corners, and Soffit Ventilation. Contractors can utilize our Plaster & Stucco trims with up to three layers of stucco, so there are plenty of depths to make them work the way you’d like them to. So,…

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Aluminum Trims for Interiors and Exteriors: Achieve Your Vision

interior,exterior,aluminum trim,plaster,stucco,paneling,siding,millwork,drywall,ceilings,LED,trims,vision

The possibilities for interesting and distinguished design elements are endless when utilizing Aluminum Trims on your building projects. If you are not sure where to start, we have offered a few examples to get your wheels turning. For your next interior project, think about what kinds of materials best match the look and feel you…

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Flannery’s Extensive Portfolio

Flannery's Plaster Trims at UTEP.

Over the last few decades, Flannery Trim has made a large footprint in the walls and ceilings industry. Our more significant impact is due to marketing, building trust with our customers, and expanding our product lines to keep up with current building trends. Sometimes it is not enough to talk about what we are doing,…

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The District Apartments featuring Plaster Channel Screed

Flannery's Plaster Channel Screed Showcased on an apartment building called The District Apartments in Scottsdale, AZ.

The District Apartments in Scottsdale, AZ feature Flannery’s Plaster Channel Screed. This was a specially made Plaster Channel Screed (PCS 1375-200) just for this plaster job because the project called for a plaster trim with a deep reveal. The reveal is 1 3/8” deep and if you scroll to the last image, you can see…

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NEW Flannery Wall Covering Trims

wall coverings,frp,wall,covering,trims

Flannery Trim has broken into wall coverings with three new trims! Our wall covering trims include a J-Mold, H-Mold, and an Outside Corner. Our new trims are compatible with 1/8’’ wall coverings also known as FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic). You may be wondering: what are FRP/wall coverings and why are they a good addition to…

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CDS Framing Office featuring Strata Ceiling Trims

Image of our Strata Ceiling Trims in the CDS Framing office in Pheonix.

When you walk into the CDS framing office in Phoenix, AZ; you are greeted by three ceiling clouds fitted with Flannery’s Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Edge trims from our Strata Trims line. Our Strata cloud trims create life and dimension to the space, thus giving a great first impression to anyone who enters! This project was…

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Strata Ceiling Trims: Flannery’s Take on Suspended Ceiling Trims

ceiling,strata,suspended,cloud,transition,light cove,trims,trim

Last year, you may have noticed a name change in our suspended ceiling trim product line. Flannery rebranded our suspended ceiling trims, also known as perimeter trims or “clouds”, to Strata Ceiling Trims. We went with the name “Strata” as an homage to Stratosphere, which is just below the highest ozone layer and arguably the…

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Plaster versus Stucco: What’s the Difference?


Those of us in the building materials industry often say that plaster and stucco are interchangeable and mean the same thing. But is that true? Plaster and stucco may look similar and are cement-based, but there is a difference between the two regarding application and style. Plaster is best applied as an interior finish and…

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Brentwood Hills Home featuring Drywall Shadow Mold and F-Molds

At the Brentwood Hills Home in Brentwood, California; Flannery’s Drywall Shadow Molds and Drywall F-Molds can be seen throughout the home. Most notably, our Shadow Mold Trims were used to make the in-wall shelving in the bedroom. And our F-Molds were used on majority of the door frames throughout the home. Our Drywall Shadow mold…

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Trevor Brown Highschool Auditorium featuring Strata Ceiling Trims

Trevor Brown Highschool in Phoenix, Arizona got an updated Auditorium with all the bells and whistles including a gorgeous lobby fitted with our Strata Ceiling Cloud Trims!  With modern fixtures and new furniture, the lobby of the auditorium has a fresh new look that invites you into the space. It is always cool to see…

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Tigertail Road House featuring Drywall Reveal

Flannery likes to work on all sorts of projects; residential included. In this clean modern stairwell at the Tigertail Road House, you can see our Drywall Reveal utilized to create an accent wall that makes the stairwell a focal point instead of something to hide. In order to create the “block effect” in the drywall, Flannery…

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UNT Frisco Campus featuring Strata Ceiling Trims

With UNT’s growing numbers, the University has expanded to multiple locations, the latest being their Frisco Campus called “Frisco Landing.” The campus is equipped with classrooms, study areas, a rec center, and even individual meeting rooms for online classes or for quiet individual study. You can see our Strata Ceiling Trims all over “The Mean…

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Denton Highschool featuring Strata Ceiling Trims


Our Strata Ceiling Trims can be seen at the new Denton Highschool that opened in August 2022! This new school definitely has some architectural flair with many modern lines and curves displayed throughout the inside and outside of the campus. They were able to keep that curved look even in their ceilings with the help…

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Flannery Trim Takes On Texas!

You may have heard that Flannery is making a big move… we’re relocating to Fort Worth, Texas this summer and will be opening on July 6th 2021! We are so excited to take this huge step forward, and for all of the growth we know it will bring. The same old Flannery you know and…

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MSU Billings: Community College Program feauturing Millwork Panel Trims

Montana State University,Billings Community College,Flannery Trim

Our work at the Montana State Billings Community College was very rewarding and we are so proud to have been a part of this incredible project. Flannery provided free trims for a student-built project in the university’s construction lab as part of their Construction Management and Construction Technology Programs. We are proud to have contributed…

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Stairview Estate featuring Drywall Channel Screed


The Starview Estate is an 8,000-square-foot premier spec home, built in beautiful Santa Monica, California. The project boasts 2 owner’s suites and 28-foot-wide glass walls, showing off an incredible panoramic view that stretches from the busy streets of downtown to the sunsets over Santa Monica. The home also features some of the most sophisticated technology…

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The Right Commercial Grade Bullnose Trowel for The Job

residential trim

When working on a commercial job, it is vital you have tools you can trust that are meant to be used and can last on commercial projects. Commercial grade tools usually means a tool will last longer and can withstand the wear and tear of use through the years on construction sites. If you have…

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Using Our Shapefinder Tool


We want to make the process of finding the right trim for our customer’s needs as painless and convenient as possible. This is why Flannery has a special page on our website known as the “SHAPEFINDER” which gives our web visitors streamlined access to the various aluminum reveals and steel products that we offer.Flannery’s Shapefinder…

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Adventist Health Hanford Family Birthing Center feat. Stucco Trims

stucco trims,plaster job,plaster,stucco,drip screed,center

Adventist Health’s Hanford Family Birthing Center is a state-of-the-art 49,000-square-foot facility built adjacent to the Adventist Medical Center in Hanford, California. The new facility will replace Central Valley General Hospital’s birthing center. The $40 million project features 34 private beds, 2 operating rooms and 6 neonatal intensive care beds. The facility also features separate cesarean…

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July 2015 Newsletter

In This Issue Flannery’s New Trims Flannery’s Latest Catalog’s Features Trim Tip of the Month When ordering or specifying Flannery’s Aluminum Trims, please keep in mind that some of the items in our catalog and online may be considered a modified part. This means that an additional couple of days may be required to produce…

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May 2015 Newsletter

In This Issue The Aluminum Advantage Flannery’s Sustainability Practices Trim Tip of the Month Ever wonder what to do with that 1′ or 2′ drop leftover on a project? Just bring any leftover scrap material to your local scrap metal facility.  All of Flannery’s aluminum trims can and should be recycled. By recycling leftover material…

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