Denton Highschool featuring Strata Ceiling Trims

Our Strata Ceiling Trims can be seen at the new Denton Highschool that opened in August 2022! This new school definitely has some architectural flair with many modern lines and curves displayed throughout the inside and outside of the campus. They were able to keep that curved look even in their ceilings with the help of our custom radius!

Our Strata Ceiling ACCE (Acoustical Celling Cloud Edge) can be found in the hallways, and on their sky-high cafeteria ceilings that show off our radius!

Strata,Ceilings,ceiling,denton,highschool Strata,Ceilings,ceiling,denton,highschoolStrata,Ceilings,ceiling,denton,highschool


Flannery's Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Edge Trim Shape

More about our Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Edge (ACCE):

Flannery’s Strata Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Edge (ACCE) Trim is an extruded aluminum trim that attaches to suspended ceiling track to create a solid edge for an acoustical ceiling. The Cloud Edge trim comes in a variety of sizes to allow for multiple design effects allowing for the acoustical ceiling to take on a “cloud-effect.” Flannery now offers reveals from 2 inches to 12 inches. Our ACCE trim as well as some of our other “cloud” trims can also be factory fabricated into radius and corners to ease into any of your perimeter ceiling designs. The Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Edge Trim also comes with attachment clips and splices to ease its integration into the suspended ceiling.

Flannery’s Strata Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Edge trims are a standard extruded aluminum product with a 6063 T5 alloy with varying wall thicknesses. The ACCE trims are sold in 10′ lengths and come with attachment clips and splices to ease their integration into the suspended ceiling system. Flannery stocks all Strata Trims in our Cloud White factory paint finish or Mill Finish for field painting.

Flannery’s Cloud White paint is a factory applied Kynar finish. In addition to our standard finishes, Strata trims can also be ordered in any liquid or powder-coated paint finish. Custom paint orders can be quoted, and samples prepared for approval. Additional finishes include anodizing, polishing, brushing, and “wood-grain” applications. Take a look at all of our factory finishes that we have to offer and if you can’t find what you are looking for, contact us and let us know and we can get you what you need.