Corner and Intersection Forms


Before we start your fabrication project, please fill out the corresponding Trim profile form and indicate the size, piece count, and type of corner/intersection you need.

*If you are not already in contact with someone about your custom project, please send your completed corner and intersection forms to [email protected] or add them to a quote

Drywall Corners and Intersections

Drywall Reveal (DWR)

Drywall F-Mold (DWRF)

Drywall Shadow Mold (DWSM)

Drywall L-Metal (DWL)

Drywall T-Mold (DWT)

Drywall V Reveals (DWV)

Drywall Reveal Corner (DWRW)

Drywall Ceiling Trim (DWCT)

Strata Ceiling Corners

Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Edge (ACCE)

Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Reveal (ACCR)

Drywall Ceiling Cloud Edge (DCCE)

Acoustical Ceiling Knife Edge (ACKE)

Act. Ceiling Cloud Transition (ACCT)

Act. Ceiling to DW Transition (ACTD)

DW Ceiling to Act. Transition (ACTD)

DW Ceiling Transition to DW (DCTD)

Plaster & Stucco Corners and Intersections

Plaster Channel Screed (PCS)

Plaster Control Joint (PCS 75-25-25)

Plaster F-Mold (FPM)

Plaster J-Mold (JPM)

Plaster Drip-Screed (DS)

Plaster 2 Piece Drip-Screed (DS)

Aluminum Weep Screed (AW)

Plaster T-Mold (TPM)

Plaster Deep V-Reveal (DV)

Plaster Short V-Reveal (SV)

Expansion Reveal (EXP)

Weeping Expansion Reveal (EXPW)

Fascia Corner Mold (FCM)

Smooth Finish Channel (SFC)

Smooth Finish F-Mold (SFF)

Weeping Reveal (PCSW)

Plaster Parapet Cap (PPC)

LED Trim Corners

LED Drywall Reveal (LDR)

LED Flush Screed (LFS)

LED Flush Screed (LFS)

LED Base Mold (LBM)

LED Ceiling Mold (LCM)

LED Pocket Trim (FDD)

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