Cement Panel Trim

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  • Cement Panel Screed Shape

    Cement Panel Screed

  • Cement Panel Z-Flash Shape

    Cement Panel Z-Flash

  • termination,j-mold,panel,siding

    Cement Panel J-Mold

  • Cement Panel H-Mold

  • Cement Panel Outside Corner

  • Cement Panel Inside Corner Reveal

  • Cement Panel W-Mold

  • Wood Panel X-Mold

    Panel X Corner Mold

  • Cement Panel F-Mold

  • Drip Cap

    Cement Panel Drip Cap

  • Siding Window Return

  • Cement Panel Base Mold

  • Cement Panel Horizontal Reveal

  • Snap-In Cement Panel Screed

  • panel,snap in,panel screed,paneling

    Snap-In Offset Panel Screed

  • Panel Edge Cap

  • Panel H-Cap

  • Panel T-Piece

Flannery offers a large variety of aluminum trims for fiber cement panels ( FCP ). We manufacture extruded aluminum trims that fit the Hardie 5/16” Hardiepanel and the Allura fiber cement lap siding. Flannery even has trims that fit the 1-1/8” thick Nichiha Illumination architectural wall panels.

Our trims for cement panels are compatible with all of the major manufacturers of fiber cement panels and siding. Flannery’s Cement Panel Trims are in stock and available in a vast array of paint or anodizing colors to match any manufacturer’s factory finished panels. The trims can also be used with interior millwork panels if a wood finished wall design is required.

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