Exterior Trim

Flannery Trim offers a number of different trims for exterior wall systems. While the majority of these trims are aluminum extrusions we do manufacture a few in vinyl and various metals. The types of exterior wall systems that we provide products for include exterior plaster/stucco, fiber cement panels, composite siding and soffits/ceilings. Here is a breakdown of each category:

Flannery Trim boasts one of the most extensive product lines of aluminum plaster and stucco trims. We offer just about every kind of shape for a plaster wall from the smallest of Channel Screeds to largest of Window Returns. These types of aluminum extrusions can trim out corners and walls where a decorative effect is desired. Having specialty trim can make all the difference on a large scale commercial project.

Cement Panel Trim

Fiber cement panel trims continue to be one of Flannery’s fastest growing product lines. While fiber cement panels have become the norm in outdoor applications throughout the Northwest, the trend to use them in both commercial and residential construction has continued to move into several other climate zones. We offer horizontal and vertical reveals, along with the various other trims to complete the design configurations where cement panels come together and the need for trim is apparent.

Composite Siding Trim

Our Composite Siding Trims were specifically designed for the TruGrain siding products, however they can be used with any number of siding materials where panel expansion and contraction is a concern. These aluminum siding trims come in a number of different styles and shapes, and are designed to fit into a wall assembly seamlessly. Composite siding enables a building to stand out and Flannery’s Siding Trims enhance that creative style.

Soffit Ventilation

Most of Flannery Trim’s soffit vents are manufactured from extruded aluminum shapes, but we also offer a few that can be produced from Stainless Steel and Copper. Our unique vents are not your typical “round hole” or “screen” type of vent strips, but are actually heavy gauge metal products with rectangular shaped vent slots which provide air flow and prevent certain kinds of pests from entry into a soffit area. Several trim shapes for various soffit and ceiling applications are available.

Brake Shapes & Flashings

Flannery manufactures an entire spectrum of high-quality metal brake shapes that are available in copper, aluminum, stainless steel and galvanized steel. In addition to standard flashings and J-Shapes, we can also manufacture custom shapes on our brake press. Flannery will manufacture any size and scope of custom brake work needed for any project. We accept product sketches and architectural drawings for review and quotation.

Vinyl Plaster Products

Flannery Trim’s two Vinyl Plaster Products both assist the typical lath and plaster contractor to produce a solid and sound stucco wall system when utilized. Our Universal Weep Screed’s patented extended leg prevents water and pest intrusion in to the wall system from below. Flannery’s Furring Wads enable the lather to set the stucco wire properly in the middle of the plaster cement to ensure the proper embedment of the wire.