Three Reasons Why Exterior Aluminum Metal Is The Best Trim For Your Project

Construction is always needed and feels like it’s never finished. Everywhere you look there is always a building being repaired, house being remodeled, driveways being paved, and more. Construction is inevitable, so why not find the best products for your projects so they won’t need to be repaired or replaced as often?

Here are three reasons metal trims are the best for your construction needs


  • You only need one piece for outside corners. Most outside corners require two boards butted up together and nailed to the wall. Unfortunately, as time goes on and the house begins to settle, the boards will shift as well causing these boards to pull apart and allowing water to run behind. This leaves your house open for the risk of mold and rot. Flannery Trim has created a perfect 3-Way Corner Cap Metal Trim for all your corner needs. It is designed to allow three pieces to meet together into one nice corner. By using our metal trim, you will decrease your chances of mold and rot in the future.


  • Using Metal Trim can cut down costs. When you use metal trim, you eliminate the cost of caulk. Caulk is messy, time consuming, and very precise. If you don’t put the caulk on properly, it’s a big mess to clean up and start over again, not to mention the wasted materials. Metal trims have pockets for other pieces to slide into nicely. This eliminates the need for caulk. Our Metal Fast Mask is designed to act as mud, tape, and caulk. It not only saves you time but money as well. It’s a one-step metal trim.


  • Metal Trim has a long life cycle. When you’re looking for materials for your projects, you not only factor in cost, but the longevity of your purchase as well. Wood materials will rot and vinyls don’t work well in extreme heat or extreme cold, but metal trim will. Our Bullnose Door and Window Trim will be around for a long time giving you a clean and smooth transition between your drywall, doors, or windows.


Metal trim is the way to go for your next construction project. Contact us at Flannery Trim for more information on metal trim for all your project needs, both commercial and residential.