Aluminum LED Trims

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  • 03 LED Panel Screed LFS Shapefinder R1 BjB 300x300 - LED Panel Screed (LPS)

    LED Panel Screed (LPS)

  • 02 LED Flush Screed LFS Shapefinder R1 BjB 300x300 - LED Flush Screed (LFS)

    LED Flush Screed (LFS)

  • 01 LED Drywall Reveal LDR Shapefinder R3 BjB 300x300 - LED Drywall Reveal (LDR)

    LED Drywall Reveal (LDR)

  • 04 LED Base Mold LBM Shapefinder R3 BjB 300x300 - LED Base Molding (LBM)

    LED Base Molding (LBM)

  • 05 LED Ceiling Mold LCM Shapefinder R2 BjB 300x300 - LED Ceiling Molding (LCM)

    LED Ceiling Molding (LCM)

  • 06 Full Reflective LED Drywall Trim Shapefinder R2 BjB 300x300 - Reflective LED Drywall Trim (FDD)

    Reflective LED Drywall Trim (FDD)

Flannery is proud to offer several different types of Aluminum Trims specifically designed for the installation of LED Light Strips with both millwork panel and gypsum wall systems. Many of Flannery’s Aluminum LED Trims come with a frosted diffuser to hide and accentuate the LED light strip. If you wish to create a piece of “light-art” or simply want to illuminate a corridor, Flannery offers the trim you need to integrate LED strip lights into your design.