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Exceptional Products with the Guidance and Service You Deserve!

A lot has changed about Flannery, Inc. over the years but one thing that remains the same is our dedication to our customers. We value our relationships and look at each one as a partnership to create something significant. Since our start in 1975, Flannery has understood what it takes to build quality projects and has developed the necessary trims to provide attractiveness and function for your design.

Second to our customer service is our innovative ability to design products that meet the changes in our industry. We have developed trims compatible with more than five different wall systems and even a ceiling trim line and are continuing to innovate further. With our expertise in the trim industry and our onsite warehouse, we can provide you with a variety of different options even if it is not featured on our website.

We pride ourselves on our reputation to produce quality work while providing our customers with the guidance and service they deserve. Let us help you in building something exceptional and show you what sets us apart.

Why We're Different

Long-lasting: Not only do our aluminum trim products have longevity through rain, snow, and heat, our company has been around since 1975. We understand that throughout the years, standards for construction have changed. We build our products to not only meet but exceed the standards. By exceeding the standard, our trims will last and create an appealing and beautiful look on the exterior of your home for years down the road.

Customer Service: We pride ourselves on the reputation of our products and our customer service. We help you find the products that are best for you and your renovation needs. We have an onsite warehouse so we can provide you with a variety of options at affordable prices.

Quality Trim: We have developed trims that are compatible with more than five different wall systems and suspended ceiling systems, giving you several options for great building projects.

Our Green Outlook:

Flannery has been well represented for years by the Green Shamrock in its logo. It is a symbol for our company and a reminder of our commitment to being more "Green". We are fully engaged in the "Green" movement that is taking place in the construction industry. We are committed to implementing new ways to run our manufacturing plant that are more environmentally responsible. Our goal is to produce products that are viable and sustainable for the future of our industry and our planet.

Flannery has manufactured aluminum, steel, and vinyl trims for the drywall and stucco industries for over 40 years. Since our founding in the late 70's, we have recycled our scrap and leftover materials from the production process in an attempt to reduce the cost of doing business as well as its impact on the world around us. We are thrilled to be a manufacturer of aluminum trims knowing full well the benefits of a product that can be recycled once its intended purpose comes to an end. Flannery looks forward to its continued relationship with our "Green" vendors and customers who look to reduce the environmental impact our industry has on the world.

Our Trims on Location:

Palm Valley Pediatrics featuring Strata Ceiling Trims

In Scottsdale, AZ, you can find an inviting space to take your children to the dentist (maybe for the first time even!). The atmosphere has a soothing effect when you walk in and immediately see the round features of the space. From the pretty round tiles, round countertops, and then you look up and see…

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How Can Aluminum Trim Help Finish Your Design?

As Architects and Designers enter the design process, the goal is to have as much planning and design done before construction begins. But sometimes, clients add something at the last minute, or something is needed to take your project to the next level. Flannery’s Trims are just the solution for those last-minute design needs. A…

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The District Apartments featuring Plaster Channel Screed

The District Apartments in Scottsdale, AZ feature Flannery’s Plaster Channel Screed. This was a specially made Plaster Channel Screed (PCS 1375-200) just for this plaster job because the project called for a plaster trim with a deep reveal. The reveal is 1 3/8” deep and if you scroll to the last image, you can see…

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CDS Framing Office featuring Strata Ceiling Trims

When you walk into the CDS framing office in Phoenix, AZ; you are greeted by three ceiling clouds fitted with Flannery’s Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Edge trims from our Strata Trims line. Our Strata cloud trims create life and dimension to the space, thus giving a great first impression to anyone who enters! This project was…

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Brentwood Hills Home featuring Drywall Shadow Mold and F-Molds

At the Brentwood Hills Home in Brentwood, California; Flannery’s Drywall Shadow Molds and Drywall F-Molds can be seen throughout the home. Most notably, our Shadow Mold Trims were used to make the in-wall shelving in the bedroom. And our F-Molds were used on majority of the door frames throughout the home. Our Drywall Shadow mold…

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Trevor Brown Highschool Auditorium featuring Strata Ceiling Trims

Trevor Brown Highschool in Phoenix, Arizona got an updated Auditorium with all the bells and whistles including a gorgeous lobby fitted with our Strata Ceiling Cloud Trims!  With modern fixtures and new furniture, the lobby of the auditorium has a fresh new look that invites you into the space. It is always cool to see…

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Bill Luke Marana Car Dealership featuring Direct Application E.I.F.S. Vent

Bill Luke is a car dealership chain with locations all over Arizona. Their newest edition is Bill Luke Marana which is just outside of Tucson. Flannery Trim provided 1,000 feet of our Direct Application E.I.F.S. Vent in the size DWR 50-V-600. Our Direct Application E.I.F.S Allows for airflow to go through the soffit to keep…

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Tigertail Road House featuring Drywall Reveal

Flannery likes to work on all sorts of projects; residential included. In this clean modern stairwell at the Tigertail Road House, you can see our Drywall Reveal utilized to create an accent wall that makes the stairwell a focal point instead of something to hide. In order to create the “block effect” in the drywall, Flannery…

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UNT Frisco Campus featuring Strata Ceiling Trims

With UNT’s growing numbers, the University has expanded to multiple locations, the latest being their Frisco Campus called “Frisco Landing.” The campus is equipped with classrooms, study areas, a rec center, and even individual meeting rooms for online classes or for quiet individual study. You can see our Strata Ceiling Trims all over “The Mean…

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Denton Highschool featuring Strata Ceiling Trims

Our Strata Ceiling Trims can be seen at the new Denton Highschool that opened in August 2022! This new school definitely has some architectural flair with many modern lines and curves displayed throughout the inside and outside of the campus. They were able to keep that curved look even in their ceilings with the help…

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