How Can Aluminum Trim Help Finish Your Design?

As Architects and Designers enter the design process, the goal is to have as much planning and design done before construction begins. But sometimes, clients add something at the last minute, or something is needed to take your project to the next level. Flannery’s Trims are just the solution for those last-minute design needs. A lot of our Trim is applied after most of the building finishes because they are aesthetic fixtures that often go on the building in the later stages.



Framing Features

Our Trim can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any building feature, such as signs, shelving, windows, doors, and more! For example, Flannery’s Shadow Mold was utilized around built-in wall shelving to enhance the design. Also, Flannery’s Plaster J-Mold can be found around windows and doors to add cohesion. 


Accent Walldesign,building,trim,ceiling,finish,framing,aesthetic

Architects can also use our Trim to make accent walls for a particular building section, such as an entrance, room, or fixture they want to be highlighted. For example, Flannery’s Drywall Reveal was made into T-Intersections to highlight a “brick-like” accent wall by the staircase instead of hiding it. 


design,building,trim,ceiling,finish,framing,aestheticCeiling Edge

Flannery also offers a variety of ceiling trims that can go on the edges and perimeters of Acoustical and Drywall ceilings. So if you want a clean and finished look for your ceilings, adding our Strata Ceiling Trims is a good idea! 




Variety of Products and FinishesAnodized Finishesdesign,building,trim,ceiling,finish,framing,aesthetic

Architects and builders can also choose from various styles and finishes to complement their design vision and create a stunning finished product that creates a cohesive look throughout the entire structure. If you want Flannery’s Trim to color-match any other fixtures, we have you covered. We can help you achieve your desired look; call us to walk through your options and provide samples. And if you need a specific size for one of our products but need help getting it, we can help customize your part to fit your needs or discuss creating a new die. (Know there will be extra costs for custom parts and a minimum order of 5,000 feet for a new die). 

 Flannery Can Help You Through the Process

Don’t sweat the end of your building project. We can help you get there with the proper guidance and products to elevate your project and tie up loose ends. Let us know how we can help you throughout the building and design process.