Brentwood Hills Home featuring Drywall Shadow Mold and F-Molds

At the Brentwood Hills Home in Brentwood, California; Flannery’s Drywall Shadow Molds and Drywall F-Molds can be seen throughout the home. Most notably, our Shadow Mold Trims were used to make the in-wall shelving in the bedroom. And our F-Molds were used on majority of the door frames throughout the home. Our Drywall Shadow mold is a termination trim that can bridge the gap between the drywall and dissimilar materials. In this case, it was used to edge the wall shelving and the drywall to make the design function how it was first envisioned. As for our F-Mold it was used as a drywall transition between the drywall and the door frames.

The vision for this home was to create a sleek space that would be inviting as well as functional. This home is equipped with a large open kitchen, windows that allow light from the roof, and wood paneling to make the modern home still feel close to nature. It is a home where anyone would feel comfortable and inspired while occupying the interior.

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