Radius Forms


Before we get to bending, we need to know the exact specifications you want for your project!

*If you are not already in contact with someone about your radius project, please send your completed radius forms to [email protected] or add them to a quote

Drywall Radius Forms

Drywall Reveal (DWR)

Drywall F-Mold (DWRF)

Drywall Shadow Mold (DWSM)

Drywall L-Metal (DWL)

Plaster Channel Screed (PCS or DCS)

Strata Ceiling Radius Forms

Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Edge (ACCE)

Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Reveal (ACCR)

Drywall Ceiling Cloud Edge (DCCE)

Aluminum Plaster & Stucco Radius Forms

Plaster Channel Screed (PCS)

Plaster Control Joint (PCS 75-25-25)

Plaster F-Mold (FPM)

Plaster J-Mold (JPM)

Plaster Drip-Screed (DS)

Plaster 2 Piece Drip-Screed (DS)

Aluminum Weep Screed (AW)

Plaster T-Mold (TPM)

Plaster Deep V-Reveal (DV)

Plaster Short V-Reveal (SV)

Plaster X-Mold (XPM)

Plaster Corner Mold (PCM)

Fascia Corner Mold (FCM)

Smooth Finish Channel (SFC)

Smooth Finish F-Mold (SFF)

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