New Trims to meet Design Demands

Flannery has several new trims to meet the design demands of today’s expert architects. Below are just a few examples of some trims that you might not know that we have available.

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PPC – Plaster Parapet Cap

Have you ever wondered how a plaster terminates at the top of an exterior wall where there is no soffit or overhang off of the building? Typically, this termination of the stucco requires a J-Mold or Milcore trim and a very large parapet cap. Often this termination point can be clunky and unappealing visually. This is why Flannery built its Plaster Parapet Cap (PPC 75-150) which combines the plaster termination trim with the parapet cap so that the top of the wall can be finished while also hiding the required roof flashing from the view of those down below.



new trims,design demands,architects,brand-new extruded aluminum trim,design,special trim

FOC – Fabric Outside Corner

When was the last time you had to assist with finding a “wallpaper” project? Most don’t think of wallpaper as being a popular design element these days, but fabric wall coverings are. Flannery has just built our Fabric Outside Corner (FOC 375) to assist in the application of fabric over an interior gypsum board wall. The FOC can be installed and “mudded” to an outside 90-degree corner and has a little slit in its nose to allow for the fabric installer to fold, glue and insert the fabric into it. This prevents the fabric from tearing or being stretched too tight at a highly visible corner detail.



new trims,design demands,architects,brand-new extruded aluminum trim,design,special trim

FUR – Aluminum Furring Strip

What have you been using to fur out your rain screen wall systems as of late? Are you using pre-treated wood furring strips? Did you know that even pre-treated lumber can deteriorate and rot over time, especially in high humidity zones? This is why you should know about Flannery’s Aluminum Furring Strips (FUR). We manufacture a few different depths of aluminum furring strips to accommodate the varying ventilation cavity requirement between the building’s substrates and the wall cladding system. By using an aluminum furring strip, the cladding system will never have to worry about its supports deteriorating from any climate.


Many of these new or innovative trims come as a result of you, our customers, giving us feedback or bringing us design elements that need a special feature or trim. Did you know that Flannery can design, build and produce a brand-new extruded aluminum trim product in under 10 weeks? If you are chasing a special trim or even one of our competitors’ products that have a long lead time, consider contacting us about building that trim for you.