Three Reasons Why You Need Flannery Trim For All Your Siding Trim Needs

The exterior of your home is the first thing that people see when they drive up to your house. The inside of your home may be very modern, clean, and beautiful, but if the outside has a siding popping off your home and bubbling, the look of beauty has just been diminished. Finding a company that will not only produce great quality siding and trim but long-lasting as well can be difficult, but Flannery Trim can do just that.

Here’s why our company is different and has been helping customers for more than four decades.

  1. Long-lasting: Not only do our siding trim products have the longevity through rain, snow, and heat, but our company has been around since 1975. We understand that throughout the years, standards for construction have changed. We build our products to not only meet but exceed the standards. By exceeding the standard, our siding trims will last and create an appealing and beautiful look on the exterior of your home for years down the road.  
  2. Customer Service: We pride ourselves on our reputation of our products and our customer service. We help you find the products that are best for you and your renovation needs. We have an onsite warehouse so we can provide you with a variety of options at affordable prices. 
  3. Quality Siding Trim:We have developed trims that are compatible with more than five different siding systems, giving you several options of great trim. Here are a few of our specialty siding trims: 
    • Siding Flat Board Starter Strip: This is used for installing the first level of TruGrain siding. 
    • Siding J-Mold: The J-Mold allows for a nice, clean flow of siding when different walls or material create a rough edge. 
    • Siding H-Mold: The H-Mold combines with two adjoining siding pieces to create a flat look. 
    • Siding X-Mold: This will create a solid, clean corner reveal where it would normally need to be mitered together. 
    • Siding Outside Corner: This is specifically used for siding that meets at a 90º angle and creates a sharp look. 
    • Siding Inside Corner: The inside corner is similar to the outside corner and the only difference is that it’s used for inside corner joints.

We are ready to help you create a beautiful exterior on your home. Contact us today for quality service and products that have been serving our customers for decades.