Wood Panel J-Mold

Trim Purpose

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Flannery’s Wood Panel J-Mold is a termination trim for millwork panels that terminate against a dissimilar wall or material. The Wood Panel J-Mold comes with a 3/8” face flange, which allows the installer to slide the wood paneling in behind the flange and cover the unfinished edge of the panel.

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Manufacturer's Specifications

Flannery’s Wood Panel Trims are standard extruded aluminum alloy 6063 T5 and have a .050” nominal wall thickness. Aluminum panel trims come in 10′ lengths and shall have a standard Clear Anodized Finish. Mill Finish (for field priming & painting), Chem-film finish or other factory finishes and custom paint orders are available. Click on Info Tab above for Factory Finishes.

Part No.“A” Width“B” WidthPanel SizeStock Item
CPJ 375-3753/8″3/8″3/8″Yes
CPJ 50-3751/2″3/8″1/2″Yes
SJM 625-1005/8″1″5/8″Yes
WPJ 75-3753/4″3/8″3/4″Yes
WPJ 75-503/4″1/2″3/4″Yes
SJM 875-1007/8″1″7/8″Yes
SJM 1125-12501-1/8″1-1/41-1/8″Yes
DEJ 1188-751-3/16″3/4″1-3/16″Yes
03 Wood Panel J Mold A B Dimen Scale 1000 BjB - Wood Panel J-Mold

Wood Panel Trims must be attached to the framing with nails, screws or other approved fastening methods.

03 Wood Panel J Mold Install Detai 1000 BjB - Wood Panel J-Mold