Palm Valley Pediatrics featuring Strata Ceiling Trims

In Scottsdale, AZ, you can find an inviting space to take your children to the dentist (maybe for the first time even!). The atmosphere has a soothing effect when you walk in and immediately see the round features of the space. From the pretty round tiles, round countertops, and then you look up and see the rounded ceiling! Which is made possible by our Strata Ceiling Trims! This radiused ceiling in particular was made with our Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Edge in White! Every space is improved and made to feel special when you add some of our Strata Ceiling Trims!

Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Edge in a Dentist OfficeAcoustical Ceiling Cloud Edge in a Dentist OfficeAcoustical Ceiling Cloud Edge in a Dentist Office



Other Strata Ceiling Trims to Consider:

Universal Light Cove EdgeUniversal Light Cove Edge: 

Flannery’s Strata Universal Light Cove Edge (ULCE) is an extruded aluminum trim that attaches to suspended ceiling grid to create a ledge for LED’s or light fixtures. It allows for an indirect lighting effect above acoustical ceiling grid and tile. Our Light Coves are called “Universal” since any LED or Light Fixture manufacturer can be integrated into them.


Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Reveal shapeAcoustical Ceiling Cloud Reveal:

Flannery’s Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Reveal (ACCR) forms a solid perimeter around a suspended acoustical ceiling while also creating an aesthetic reveal between the tile and the trim. The Ceiling Cloud Reveal’s lower flange is meant to be inserted into acoustical tiles that are designed to hide the ceiling grid flanges when installed so our ACCR is decorative but also functional and serves a purpose. Our Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Reveal trim as well as some of our other “cloud” trims can also be factory fabricated into radius and corners to ease into any of your perimeter ceiling designs. Each Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Reveal comes with attachment clips and splices to ease its integration into the suspended ceiling system.




ACCE RadiusRound, oval, ellipse and serpentine acoustical ceilings have become a part of almost every artistic ceiling design. Flannery has been bending metal for over 40 years and can radius our Strata Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Edge trims to create unique “cloud” designs for suspended acoustical ceilings. Our in-house bending capabilities allow us to custom bend circular ceiling clouds. Our bending services can easily accomplish even tricky ceiling-to-column transitions.