Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Reveal (ACCR)

Trim Purpose

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Flannery’s Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Reveal (ACCR) forms a solid perimeter around a suspended acoustical ceiling while also creating an aesthetic reveal between the tile and the trim. The Ceiling Cloud Reveal’s lower flange is meant to be inserted into acoustical tiles that are designed to hide the ceiling grid flanges when installed. Each Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Reveal comes with attachment clips and splices to ease its integration into the suspended ceiling system.

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Manufacturer’s Specification

Flannery’s Aluminum Strata Cloud Trims are standard extruded aluminum alloy 6063 T5 and have a typical .060” nominal wall thickness or greater. Strata Cloud Trims come in 10′ lengths and shall have a standard Mill Finish (for field priming and painting) or a factory Kynar “Cloud White” paint. Other factory finishes including liquid or powder-coated paint, Chem-Film, Primer, and Anodizing are available.

ACCR AB with half inch 232x300 - Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Reveal (ACCR)

Part No. “A” Depth “B” Width Hardware Included Per Piece Download
ACCR 200 2 7/16” 3/4” 6 Clips, 2 Splices
DWG - Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Reveal (ACCR)PDF - Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Reveal (ACCR)
ACCR 400 4” 3/4” 6 Clips, 2 Splices
DWG - Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Reveal (ACCR)PDF - Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Reveal (ACCR)
ACCR 600 5 13/16” 3/4” 6 Clips, 2 Splices
DWG - Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Reveal (ACCR)PDF - Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Reveal (ACCR)

Installation Details

Connect Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Reveal trims to the suspended ceiling grid using the Ceiling Grid Trim Clips included. Rotate the Ceiling Grid Trim Clip into the slots on the back of the Cloud Reveal trim and tighten the lock screw. Then attach the Ceiling Grid Trim Clip to the acoustical ceiling grid. Use the included Ceiling Cloud Trim Splices to connect one piece of trim to the next for level and clean butt joints. All Cloud Edge Trims must be cut accurately and installed with tight, neat joints.

2.02 ACCR 400 Install Detail - Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Reveal (ACCR)

Factory Corners

Flannery offers prefabricated Inside and Outside Corners for intricate ceiling designs that utilize the Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Reveal. Prefabricated corners are factory mitered and then welded together to prevent separation during the edge trim installation. Factory welded corners come with 8” legs in each direction, however, custom leg lengths can be ordered. The corners are painted to match the straight pieces of Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Reveal trim for a perfect cloud aesthetic. Each Factory Corner comes with two Ceiling Grid Clips and two Trim Splices to assist the installer.

Strata Trim ACCR 400 Outside Inside Corner - Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Reveal (ACCR)

Radius Ceiling Clouds

In addition to prefabricated corners, Flannery can also radius our Cloud Reveal trim to create unique “cloud” designs for suspended acoustical ceilings. With Flannery’s in-house bending capabilities, circular, oval, and oblong ceiling clouds can be fabricated quickly. Even tricky ceiling-to-column transitions can be easily accomplished with our bending services. Every piece of factory-painted Cloud Trim that is radiused is protected with an easy-to-peel tape to protect the finish during the bending process. Contact us for a Cloud Reveal radius form if you need a quote or to place an order. Flannery also provides engineered drawings of any ceiling design upon request.

02 ACCR 400 3D Radius 1800 w clip - Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Reveal (ACCR)