Metal Trim: The Best Investment For Roof Renovation

Many people view trim as the pieces that are installed around the perimeter of their roof. We think trim just covers the peak, eaves, lower edges, or sides of a roof, but trim covers so much more. Whenever there is a change in roof slope or where the roof meets a vertical surface wall, there is trim. Some trim will even prevent water, leaves, or snow from backing up into your home as well. Finding the right trim for your roof and installing it perfectly is vital to making sure your metal roof will not only look good but function properly for years to come.

Flannery Trim has a wide variety of metal trim to help your roof look great and function properly

We have been helping homeowners with their renovation projects since 1975. We understand what it takes to build quality projects so we have developed our metal trims to be the best in attractiveness and functionality.

These are two of our top metal trims for your roof renovation: 

  • Fascia Corner Mold: This creates a transition corner where a stucco fascia edge meets a stucco soffit. This will typically set at the corner joint. When you go to install the fascia corner mold, we suggest that you use the full ten-foot lengths whenever possible. Attach it to the framing with nails or screws. Make sure that it is installed tight and neatly with the joints. 
  • Soffit W-Mold: Our Soffit W-Molds create a transition edge where a stucco soffit meets with a dissimilar wall or material. They are often set at the corner joint where a fascia ends and soffit return begins. We recommend placing it tightly against the framing and layers of weather resistant barriers and using screws to fasten it into place. 

Metal trims are the best and most long-lasting option for all your roof trim needs. Contact us here at Flannery Trim today so our experienced team can help you find the right metal trim for your roof.