Trevor Brown Highschool Auditorium featuring Strata Ceiling Trims

Trevor Brown Highschool in Phoenix, Arizona got an updated Auditorium with all the bells and whistles including a gorgeous lobby fitted with our Strata Ceiling Cloud Trims!  With modern fixtures and new furniture, the lobby of the auditorium has a fresh new look that invites you into the space. It is always cool to see what the architects do with these new or updated school projects. By revamping the space, it will enable Trevor Brown Highschool to have performances for years to come!

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More about our Strata Ceiling Trims:

1) Strata Cloud Trims

Our most popular of the three lines, and where we started in the ceiling industry, are our Cloud trims. Our Cloud trims include ACCE (Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Edge), ACCR (Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Reveal), DCCE (Drywall Ceiling Cloud Edge), and ACKE (Acoustical Ceiling Knife Edge). Except for our Knife Edge trim, our cloud edge trims can be bent and radiused to create custom ceiling patterns. Our ACCE is an excellent option for radiused ceilings because it has a classic, smooth look and a wide range of size options. We make our ACCE as small as 2 inches and as big as 12 inches!

2) Strata Transition Trims

Our second Strata Category is still relatively newer and will become more popular as ceiling projects progress and change. Our transitions include ACCT (Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Transition), ACTD (Acoustical Ceiling Transition to Drywall), DCTA (Drywall Ceiling Transition to Acoustical), and DCTD (Drywall Ceiling Transition to Drywall). Our Strata transition trims are perfect for any ceilings with a drop-down or a shift between drywall and acoustical ceilings.

3) Strata Universal Light Cove Trims

Our newest and final category is our Universal Light Coves! Our Light Cove trims help create a hidden light effect that can be integrated into a suspended ceiling. We call our Light Cove trims “Universal” because we allow for the use of any lighting system for our coves. Other companies in the ceiling industry usually have a specific lighting system they want you to integrate, but we love giving our customers options. We treat our Light Coves similarly to our LED trims because customers can also choose whatever LED brand they wish to utilize on their LED projects. We found that our customers loved the freedom to choose, so we also wanted to continue integrating that into our newer products. Call us to learn more about our new Universal Light Coves!