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Finishes to suit every need

By Flannery Trim | May 9, 2017 |

Finishes to Suit Every Need If you have been in the construction industry for some time, you may have noticed over the years that clients generally have very specific requirements for the finishes to their projects. While the aesthetic design of a particular building or home is very subjective and “opinion” based, it is the…

Using Our Shapefinder Tool

By Flannery Trim | April 6, 2017 |
shapefinder 300x241 - Trim Blog

We want to make the process of finding the right trim for our customer’s needs as painless and convenient as possible. This is why Flannery has a special page on our website known as the “SHAPEFINDER” which gives our web visitors streamlined access to the various aluminum reveals and steel products that we offer.Flannery’s Shapefinder…

Why use cement panel trim solutions from Flannery

By Flannery Trim | March 30, 2017 |
CC Strata 300x188 - Trim Blog

  If you regularly perform cement panel installations on multi-family construction projects, it is important that you have access to the right type of panel trim. As a professional contractor it’s always a good idea to find a trim manufacturer that can deliver high quality aesthetic trims at an affordable price. Flannery is exactly that…

Adventist Health Hanford Family Birthing Center

By Flannery Trim | December 14, 2015 |
AMC H 12 10 576x384 300x200 - Trim Blog

Completion Date: 2015 Adventist Health’s Hanford Family Birthing Center is a state of the art 49,000-square-foot facility built adjacent to the Adventist Medical Center inHanford, California. The new facility will replace Central Valley General Hospital’s birthing center. The $40 million project features 34 private beds, 2 operating rooms and 6 neonatal intensive care beds. The…

July 2015 Newsletter

By Flannery Trim | July 14, 2015 |

In This Issue Flannery’s New Trims Flannery’s Latest Catalog’s Features Trim Tip of the Month When ordering or specifying Flannery’s Aluminum Trims, please keep in mind that some of the items in our catalog and online may be considered a modified part. This means that an additional couple of days may be required to produce…

May 2015 Newsletter

By Flannery Trim | May 14, 2015 |

In This Issue The Aluminum Advantage Flannery’s Sustainability Practices Trim Tip of the Month Ever wonder what to do with that 1′ or 2′ drop leftover on a project? Just bring any leftover scrap material to your local scrap metal facility.  All of Flannery’s aluminum trims can and should be recycled. By recycling leftover material…

April 2015 Newsletter

By Flannery Trim | April 14, 2015 |

In This Issue “What Finish Would you like?” Flannery’s Finishes   Trim Tip of the Month When installing an anodized aluminum trim in a stucco or plaster system, be sure to properly mask and protect the aluminum. During the curing process of the plaster, harsh chemicals can find their way to the aluminum and burn the…

March 2015 Newsletter

By Flannery Trim | March 14, 2015 |

In This Issue A Perfect Blend Flannery’s Millwork Panel Trims   Trim Tip of the Month When ordering factory fabricated intersections and corners, built with Flannery’s Millwork Panel Trims, be sure to advise us where you would prefer the welds to be on the trim’s flanges. Some paneling may not fit into the trim if the…

February 2015 Newsletter

By Flannery Trim | February 14, 2015 |

In This Issue Flannery & TruGrain Trims for TruGrain   Trim Tip of the Month When installing any of Flannery’s Aluminum Trims with TruGrain made with Resysta Siding, be sure to space the fasteners for the trim in a way that will not prevent or hinder the installation of the Siding itself. Try to allow for…

January 2015 Newsletter

By Flannery Trim | January 14, 2015 |

In This Issue Construction 2015 Aluminum Trends   Trim Tip of the Month All of Flannery’s aluminum trims come in a standard 10′ length. Be sure to use a carbide-tip blade to ensure a proper cut. Lubricant, such as WD-40, must be applied to the blade before each cut. Lubricant must be cleaned off of trim…