Kaiser Permanente Vacaville

The Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Vacaville was a four-year project that created over 340,000 square feet of medical operations. The hospital is a 4-story, 174-bed facility that is only a part of a “campus-style” medical center. Alongside of the hospital is a 219,000 square foot medical office building and a central utility plant.

Flannery provided Plaster Channel Screeds (PCS) and Expansion Reveals (EXP) for the exterior of the building. In addition to the straight trims, we also manufactured pre-fabricated intersections in order to assist in the “grid” like design of the exterior plaster finish.

Kaiser Vacaville 4 450x450 - Kaiser Permanente Vacaville

KaiserVacaville3b - Kaiser Permanente Vacaville

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