Neiman Marcus

Completion Date: Summer 2003

Neiman Marcus has had a store in the Fashion Show Mall on the Las Vegas Strip since the mall opened in 1981. When the entire mall received a face-lift in 2003, Neiman Marcus almost doubled in size. The renovation and expansion allowed the store to become one of the largest Neiman Marcus’ in the country with two floors of retail space.

Flannery manufactured two special dies specifically for the unique design of the stores ceilings. A special light box was designed that included large notches along the sides of the box to allow for the heat of the lights to rise from the fixture. Along with the light boxes, Flannery also manufactured a large knife-edge trim to finish off the edge of the drywall along the ceilings. This knife-edge look would normally have to be done by hand, but the aluminum trim cut labor costs because of its easy installation.

Neiman Marcus LV - Neiman Marcus

View of Neiman Marcus from the Las Vegas Strip.

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