Palisades Diamond House feat. Plaster Deep V-Reveals

The Palisades “Diamond” House is a three-story private residence that sits one block off Pacific Coast Highway overlooking the ocean. With its grand views of the Santa Monica Mountains on three sides and the Pacific Ocean on the fourth, it creates the ultimate design challenge of trying to stand out. The designer’s final vision came to life in the form of breaking up the plaster coat with Flannery’s Plaster Deep V Reveal (DV 75-150).

The designer had Flannery pre-fabricate 7’ tall x 4’ wide diamonds that were cut and welded to fit the exact dimensions of the home’s exterior framing. After Flannery cut the four sides of each diamond, we sent them to our factory painter in order to match the Eco Green color of the aluminum door and window frames. Once the final plaster coat was applied, a final three-color paint scheme was administered to accentuate the diamond pattern of Flannery’s reveals.

In addition to the Plaster Deep V Reveals, Flannery furnished Drip Screeds (DS-875), Aluminum Weep (AW), and Plaster Corner Molds (PCM 75-75). Flannery’s Self-Weeping Window Drip (SWWD) was also used above a number of the windows. All of the trims Flannery provided for this project were factory painted with the Eco Green color.

Final Smooth Finish Plaster Application is completed.