Aluminum Weep Screed

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Flannery’s Aluminum Weep Screed is a foundation weep screed with the benefit of a 3½” code leg. It performs as a stucco stop typically installed at the base of a stucco wall system. Its main purpose is to alleviate moisture from behind the plaster cement layer of a stucco wall system.

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Product Details

Flannery’s Aluminum Weep Screed is standard extruded aluminum alloy 6063 T5 and has a .050” nominal wall thickness. Aluminum Plaster trims come in 10′ lengths and shall have a standard Clear Anodized Finish. Mill Finish (for field priming & painting), Chem-film finish or other factory finishes and custom paint orders are available. Click on Info Tab above for Factory Finishes.

Part No. “A” Depth Stucco Thickness Stock Item
AW 875 7/8″ 7/8″ Yes

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Install the Aluminum Weep Screed using full ten-foot lengths wherever possible. Attach the Aluminum Weep Screed to the framing with nails, screws, or other approved fastening methods. A horizontal layer of building paper (2 layers if installed over plywood sheathing) or the weather resistant barrier must be installed over the 3½” vertical attachment flange. All Aluminum Weeps must be must be cut accurately and installed with tight, neat joints. All nailing flanges must be covered with lath and all butt joints must be sealed. Manufacturer recommends that a carbide tip blade along with lubricant be used when cutting any aluminum trims.

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Flannery offers prefabricated corners for intricate building designs that utilize intersecting lines and bands on exterior walls. Prefabricated corners are mitered and then welded together at their attachment flanges, then vinyl tape is applied to the back of the reveal to prevent water intrusion. Factory welded corners come with 6” legs, however custom leg lengths can be ordered.

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Flannery can radius Aluminum Weep Screeds when the trim runs along a “curved” or “radiused” plane. Radiused material is bent to a project’s dimensional requirements and is considered a custom product. Download the Radius Order form below to place an order or receive a quote.

AWArch - Aluminum Weep Screed
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Aluminum Weep Radius Form