Standard Weep Screed

Trim Purpose

Specs, MSDS, and LEED Information for Flannery Trims & Products

Flannery’s Standard Weep Screed (a.k.a. #7 Foundation Weep Screed) is a foundation weep screed with the benefit of a 3½” code leg. It performs as a stucco stop typically installed at the base of a stucco wall system. Its main purpose is to alleviate moisture from behind the plaster cement layer of a stucco wall system. Flannery’s Standard Weep Screed is a formed metal product and is available in Aluminum, Copper, Galvanized Steel, and Stainless Steel.

Manufacturer's Specifications

Flannery’s Standard Weep Screed is a brake formed metal product. Flannery’s Brake Formed products are available in a number of metals and finishes. Most can be specified in the following metals: .040” Thick Clear Anodized Aluminum; .040” Thick Mill Finish Aluminum; 26 ga. Copper; 26 ga. Stainless Steel T-304 #2 “Mill Finish”; 26 ga. Stainless Steel T-304 #4 “Brushed” Finish; and 26 ga. Galvanized Steel. Brake Formed products come in 10’ lengths and can be ordered in custom sizes and paint finishes.

Part No.“A” WidthAvailable MetalsStock Item
SWS 501/2″AllNo
SWS 753/4″AllNo
SWS 8757/8″AllNo
SWS 1001″AllNo
SWS 12501-1/4″AllNo
SWS 1501-1/2″AllNo
SWS 17501-3/4″AllNo
SWS 2002″AllNo
Custom Sizes Available

Stanadard Weep Screed A  Dimen Scale 1000 R1  BjB - Standard Weep Screed

Metals Available:Metal Code
.040″ Clear Anodized AluminumCA
.040″ Mill Finish AluminumAL
16 oz. CopperCU
26 ga. Galvanized SteelGS
26 ga. Stainless Steel MillSS
26 ga. Brushed Stainless SteelBS

Attach Weep Screeds to the framing with nails, screws, or other approved fastening methods. Attach the bottom edge of the Weep Screed no less than 1″ below the joint formed by the foundation and framing. The nose of the screed must be placed no less than 4 inches above raw earth or 2 inches above paved surfaces. The weather resistant barrier (two layers of building paper required if plywood sheathing is used) and lath must entirely cover the vertical attachment flange and terminate at the top edge of the nose or ground flange (per ASTM C 1063-03, Sec. 7.11.5).

Standard Weep Screed Install Detail 1000 R1 BjB - Standard Weep Screed