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  • Universal Weep Screed Shapefinder R1 BjB 300x300 - Universal Weep Screed

    Universal Weep Screed

  • Stanadard Weep Screed Shapefinder R1 BjB 300x300 - Standard Weep Screed

    Standard Weep Screed

  • 137 300x243 - Vinyl Universal Weep Screed

    Vinyl Universal Weep Screed

  • 08 Weeping Expansion Reveal Shapefinder Part A B R1 BjB 300x300 - Weeping Expansion Reveal

    Weeping Expansion Reveal

  • 09 Weeping Reveal Shapefinder BjB 300x300 - Weeping Reveal

    Weeping Reveal

  • 10 Self Weeping Window Drip Shapefinder BjB 300x300 - Self-Weeping Window Drip

    Self-Weeping Window Drip

Typically, framing members are set at the edge of the foundation and the sheer panels are fastened to the framing. This then creates a gap between a typical weep screed and the concrete foundation.